Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Freedom Essays: We The People must Be Critical Thinkers / #socialchange #positivedisruption #USA

Sadly, the forces of special interests have overtaken our democracy. These are pacts of corporations, organizations and individuals who have figured out that lots of money can purchase power, such as political positions in government. Our own elected leaders only are because they have been able to surf such waves of money into office. They themselves are constructs of such pacts and beholden to their benefactors, as if they themselves are political operatives doing the bidding of such entities.

In such a way democracy ceases and oligarchies rule in America. These pacts permeate the Democratic and Republican parties raising and throwing down political leaders through their various purchased outlets, including the biggest construct, the special interest conquest of the media. So it is that nothing is said freely and objectively, but is tightly controlled information disbursed under the close watch of nothing less than ‘overlords’ whom ensure that the special interest pact messages and political stances are in line with their desires. 

To this end, I ask as a freeman, as a man who will kneel only to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God whom called Moses his friend and who’s Spirit indwells in elected human vessels across every nation and every tongue:

What is this ploy that special interest pacts control the gates of prosperity, the seats of government and the thoughts of people through covert and overt operations?

I see.

I see.

Knowledge is the beginning of power. The application of knowledge is the ramping up and exercise of power. The scaled amplification of applied knowledge is power in all its earthly glory. Control the ability to scale amplified, applied knowledge and you become the gatekeeper to a field of influence that allows you access to the minds and hearts of the populace. Control the critical thinking skills of the countries population and you exercise power that is virtually unrestrained.

Education is everything. It is the path to self-empowerment. Education is the path to freedom and liberty. The ability to think critically, to make informed observations and to know how to distill such information to be a pro-active, political person, literally, an army of one, is the ticket to individual freedom. The chains of air that are wrapped around us cannot take away the key that is always in our hand allowing us to unlock our intellect and become powerful voices that begin once again to uphold, if not reconstruct, the broken down pillars of our democracy.

I question if these pillars have been broken down since the time of Abraham Lincoln. It is time for you, the American man, woman and child to assume the liberties and freedoms that so many have fought and continue to fight for.

I am fighting for you right now.

Conservative Christian America is subverted and literally kept off established media channels. Muslim America is cajoled into silence from joining the political discourse in America in any kind of spirited manner. Black America is kept enslaved under socio-economic bars of welfare sustenance. The poor white man and woman is likewise oppressed as the black brethren through a lack of widespread meaningful access to quality education. It is like this that the ‘status quo’ is kept in check and these special interest pacts maintain their measure of power. This is institutionalized oppression that blankets our lives to the point where we cannot discern its tentacles.

We all sleep and slumber our democracy away each day that we do not exercise our critical thinking skills. The answer to the special interest organizational pacts that have overrun us is to become individual thinkers and doers. We need to write more and speak out more. We need to move our hearts to reach out to each other doing social good, reaching across racial and socio-economic lines in a consistent manner. This is our social responsibility and this is how we positively disrupt the status quo and wrestle the power away from ‘big money’ and back onto ‘Main Street.’ It comes down to you, the individual. Do not abdicate your power to be a tremendous force of love, good and intellectual dexterity. This is the America we can live in. The American dream comes alive in the hearts of educated, critical thinkers who are doers, not in the hearts of those who simply turn the television on and get entertained constantly. 

Rise up in lovingkindness and be positively disruptive by choosing to exercise unstoppable spirits or go home and be a follower. The choice is yours every step of the way to turn the tide of your heart and mind to honor the fallen who have fought for our freedoms. Honor the principles on which this country was founded and be truly free.

Start by not watching so much television and walk into impoverished neighborhoods to see what you can do to make things better. Work for free. Teach out in the open. Band together with others and create pacts for social good. Create social change in such ways and never give up. You will find restful sleep and you will move great mountains in moving the hearts of those you lead through your humble service.

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