The Disrespect Of The Strategy Of Ideological Swarm: An Ends in Itself & Also To Internationalize Command Of America's Economy

The United States of America, a nation of laws, founded on the unanimous agreement of natural law, immediately decreed that the protection of human rights, to the assurance that the people be safe and happy, with their fundamental rights being foremost the brick and mortar of our establishment, solemnly declared, that it be the mainstay and cornerstone upon which the whole edifice of our national unity both stands and rests. As such, the presence of efforts and actions  of foreign powers and international financial institutions   to meddle with the instrumentality of the offices and powers of the American government with the intent to  commandeer its economic strength should be observed,  deconstructed, and brought forward to the attention of the people. But in a nation that has become ideologically divided and polarized for short-term political gain, consensus will not be reached. Our Declaration of Independence was our only unanimous agreement because it proclaimed that we are a na

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