The Gaslighting of our Constitutional Understanding & The Original Purpose of the U.S. Government

John Adams   “I have found by Experience, that in this Age of the World that Man has an awful Lot, who “dares to  love his Country and be poor.” Liberty and virtue! When! oh When will your Enemies cease to exist or to persecute! Our Country will be envied, our Liberty will be envied, our Virtues will be envied. Deep and subtle systems of Corruption hard to prove, impossible to detect, will be practised to sap and undermine Us and the few who penetrate them will be called suspicious, envious, restless turbulent ambitious—will be hated unpopular and unhappy. But a succession of these Men must be preserved, for these are the salt of the Earth. Without these the World would be worse than it is.” Letter To Abigail Adams, from John Adams, Paris, April 16, 1783 Few generations, said George Washington and John Adams, are fortunate to produce brilliant minds and hearts that are selfless. How shall we fare in our present? What is the path of national political unanimity that our elect

Introduction of a Study on The 'Command & Control' Legislation "The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act" And Its Purposed Effect On Civic Journalism: The Champion Outsiders We Must Always Have

The Disrespect Of The Strategy Of Ideological Swarm: An Ends in Itself & Also To Internationalize Command Of America's Economy