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#StateOfTheMedia: Propaganda as Truth / #positivedisruption #socialresponsibility #TeamUSA #criticalthinking


updated 7.14.17

They are supposed to give us the news. To let us know what is happening across the country and throughout the world. The most established of them have enough resources that they can have journalists in some of the mot far-flung regions of the planet. On television, their news broadcasters are polished, focused, confident and portray as likable people you may even have over for dinner. Something has happened though. Something has gone terribly wrong and there appears to be no desire to correct it. Just as American poet, Emily Dickinson once wrote, "tell the truth, but tell it ‘slant.’ That is to say, in journalistic jargon, we do not get the ‘straight scoop,’ but are given something else… a narrative of informational montages collectively aimed at painting a greater picture across time. 

In this essay, I posit that the greater portion of the established, corporate news media is giving us feeding us information packaged as the objective and unbiased truth, yet it is actually part of a greater agenda to strongly influence our political thought and cultural opinions.

I ask:

  1. If it be so that the political-left corporate media is not giving us an objective, unbiased rendering of events and happenings within the United States and beyond our borders, how does this hinder the critical thinking skills of each new generation of American citizen?
  2. With the focus on consciously looking to strongly influence political thought and cultural opinion on a massive scale, how is the individual freedom and liberty of the children, adolescents and adults who view and listen to this kind of news media hindered and atrophied?

Before the 2016 U.S. presidential elections were complete, it was evident that such news media outlets as NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, Twitter and even NPR (National Public Radio), were overtly promoting Democratic presidential front-
runner, Hillary Clinton over the man who would become our President, Donald J. Trump. A full onslaught of the televised news media unashamedly came out in support of the Democratic candidate, complete with the comedians and jokers who broadcast at night reaching all the way down to Broadway Theaters with the widely-acclaimed ( by the news media mentioned above only) theatrical play, ‘Hamilton.’  It was supposed to be a tour de force by the above-mentioned conglomerate. It was supposed to be an unstoppable river of energy that would have swept the Democrats into power. But it was and is all propaganda.

This river was overcome and a landslide victory for the Republicans happened not only with President Trump entering office, but governors and legislators taking power across the country rendering a political campaign by the “Democratic Party” as an “absolute failure,” even though they spent billions of dollars to seek victory, (Sen. Bernie Sanders). 

With the elections over and the Democratic Party in shambles, even former President Barack Obama actively works with others to maintain power in the media. Yet their actions are further hobbling the Democratic Party’s moral standing across the nation by using these media platforms to fan what has now been commercialized and is a leaking ship called, “The Resistance.” This movement has been continuously pumped out through these news media outlets in both subtle and not so subtle ways as a means of obstruction to the new officers in political power and as a way to inflame popular support in the country therein engendering animosity and constant political division.

As a critical thinker, an objective observer, I see that the leftist, corporate news media conglomerate is moving quickly towards the end of a dead-end street. Already, their viewership is down across the board. People are seeing that their telling of the news is actually propaganda and not the news at all. For example, Twitter has been alleged to be suppressing the enormous battle to protect the sanctity of human life from the moment it starts at conception. They suppress tweets by Live Action News, a pro-life entity led by hero Lila Rose, while promoting the human abortion company, Planned Parenthood. They have even gone as far as emailing Mrs. Rose informing her that many of her organizations postings and tweets must be deleted or face more suppression. 

The cultural hot topics are not given free discourse then. They are not adequately addressed, but ‘spun’ or ignored by these media platforms.  They are not even doing it quietly, but in plain sight. The political right is targeted and constant efforts to malign their characters are the daily occurrence, I being one of these targets. I see that a disservice is being perpetrated on America in these actions and it is so unfortunate. In not being given the truth, but picked and chosen news aimed at collaging a set of narratives, American citizens, both on the left, right and in-between are realizing that they have to actively think critically about what is truth and what is propaganda. 

Our freedoms and liberties then are at this time tremendously threatened and thrown down, while they are also roaring back to life through the awakening of the critical thinking process of each individual in the wake of this gross abuse of knowledge power by the officers of the political left and their minions in the leftist news media industry. It begs the question, is it news-worthy or is it entertainment and un-veiled attempt to control political thought and cultural opinion. Whatever it may be, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. 

This essay is not an intellectual attack on the above mentioned parties, but a wake-up call to all of us to think for ourselves and move away from being treated as sheep. Educate yourself and be a free thinker. Join the conversation rather than try to control who speaks and what they speak about and who can listen. Freedom and liberty dies on the steps of propaganda and censorship, but comes back alive when we respect each other above our disagreements.


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