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America the Fake-Democracy / #understanding #servantleaders #USA

How does democracy die?

Do we have democracy now?

I understand that education leads to empowerment and the lack thereof maintains a dual purpose, wherein one people is in darkness and the other controls the gate. This kind of system is not a democracy but a tyranny, albeit, one with a smile.

In my reflections on the trajectory that has brought me to the present, I consider how my lack of understanding has in many ways restrained my ability to radiate the God-given strength that is innate in me, such as exists in all fellow man and woman. Likewise, I understand how a purposefully-broken public educational system keeps peoples intellect duped and suppressed with a glass-ceiling. Understanding is brought forth to serve the means of an established hierarchical system of governance which in and of itself seeks to simply remain in power to further its agenda. The story is as old as time.

Throughout my professional career as an educator and in my walk as in imperfect Christian, I now more clearly recognize how political agendas actually maintain a dramatic stronghold on a macro and micro level. That is to say, on a national and local level, even down to the individual. Is it a democracy if the powers that be, which in the Holy Bible it says we are to respect, (for they be our supposed-ministers of justice), is it a democracy if our gatekeepers hold the keys at all times and only allow fresh blood to enter by their ordinances and through acceptance and subservience to the established two-party system?

What is all this lip service for then? What is the point of voting for a pre-packaged, pre-determined, made to look shiny system of governance which simply seeks to control the seat of power through overt and covert means?

Black people were first enslaved, then overwhelmed with drugs, poverty and racism. The common white and black man (me and you) is afforded the most decrepit educational system known to man telling them what and how to think though they have now waxed on their sagacity and the line is that they only program one on how to think, not what to think. Good people get railroaded before they come of age and pitted against one another like pawns in a chess game, each kept ignorant of their handlers. 

This happened to me and it is happening to you, wether you like it or not. The established corporate media is subservient to such a system and is quartered to follow the script. They are or where good people with brilliant minds who have been in some form or fashion, made to heel.   The force used on individuals to heel to this system is incredible, but not absolute. It is not absolute if you love God more than you love your own life. It is not absolute if you love God more than wife and children. If this be the case, then no threat can stop such a one focused on living free in mind, body and soul. Such a one then has a duty to free as many other minds, bodies and souls as possible. 

It is in fact a real battle, my friend. The battle is heated behind closed curtains with the audience being the common man and women who gets to see the action from afar and never close up.

Hello America. This is a takeover. 


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