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Let's Party! Popping Pills: From #ADHD to #Heroin in Pill Format / #thisAmericanQuilt #socialresponsibility #youth

Over the last half-decade, the move to hide drug-use has gone from disdaining clouds of lingering marijuana smoke that leave blatant evidence to 'now you see them, now you don't' party-pills. Getting wasted on them can easily be mistaken for simply being drunk, especially if the drug-user has a beer bottle or 'drink' in their hand. No one is the wiser and unsuspecting, aloof parents chuck it up to a 'rite of passage' that is mildly looked down upon thinking it is just booze. 

Drug distributors across the country have homed in on the popularity of taking drugs in pill format and have created a potpourri of '31 flavors' to cater to all kinds of demands mostly coming from an adolescent and early adulthood (college-age) market.  Injecting heroin with a syringe is passe,' and not at all fashionable. That is what junkies do. The 'cool kids' pop the pills, drink a bit of beer and proceed with their plans of having a good time. It is all uber-cool and trendy.  The drug dealers are all too happy to cater to the 'rich kids' market. 

Again, pills don't leave a cloud of smoke behind and a drugged adolescent can be well-mistaken for an inebriated adolescent. Who's to know? Besides, it's a great way to 'let go and unwind.' So, goes the defense rhetoric that is associated with entitled, super-cool kids who dab with the stuff. The problem is that heroin is heroin and also, no one is actually regulating the consistency of the pills, so you may ask for a Soobie Doo pill of heroin and may be getting Ajax with ritalin.  We have all seen enough 'drug-culture' movies and television shows and documentaries on how amateur drug makers 'cut and mix' substances in order to maximize their profit margins. Many of these pills are mass-produced in basements by derelicts with no future who think about the next 'rave party' to attend to.

Kids buy these so-called 'party-drugs' in large quantities and distribute them for a profit in high schools, though the selling is known to be much more prevalent directly at parties away from the daylight. Many teenagers with little to no parental interface or supervision and 'left to their own devices' fall prey to this trade first. They become 'smart' at knowing how to 'play the home game' and keep things on somewhat of an 'even keel' with their families. These kids typically have a historicity of taking 'speed' drugs, such as Ritalin (Novartis), Adderall (Pfizer) and a whole list of new designer ADHD drugs prescribed by psychiatrists and accepted as therapeutic by health care companies. The notion that an external substance is needed to help regulate grabs hold in the psyche and creates an easy pathway bridge to popping other pills.  It sends a message to the user that they are unable to help themselves. 

Is this a lie worth billions of dollars?  Do pharmaceutical companies see the connections? Is a legal evil lacking any kind of social responsibility on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies? 

Though it is not politically correct for me to say so and it does and has been directly hurting my ability to make a decent living, I must speak what I see as truth. The lives of children are at stake here. The health of a community rises and falls to a great degree on this reality of legally drugging our children in order to help them find balance. To be clear, this is not an attack on families. The notion that young children are born faulty and thus need an external substance or 'crutch'  to 'right their ship' is a lie in my professional estimation as a professional in Special Education entering his fourteenth year working with children, adolescents and their families all over the country. This is a serious matter and the rabbit hole goe$ very deep. 

Let me be succinct: In large part you have vaccination preservatives, such as heavy metals, as well as carcinogenic components legally inserted into vaccines which cause neurological mayhem in developing brains causing real damage across a neurological continuum. As the developing brain does its best to heal the child is faced with the onslaught of modern culture, whereby parents are working and television, video games and electronic devices become time consumers that continue to shape and mold (perhaps warp) their brains thinking patterns. In low-income family homes, especially homes were the parents are not well-informed, foods take another toll. Foods high in sugar and corn syrup devoid of natural nutrition continue to 'jimmy-rig' the brain into getting immediate gratification. The unsuspecting child grows in this ether into a child with attentional deficits and is prone to being labeled with a disorder. 

Psychiatric professionals who lead the charge for pharmaceutical companies and their policies put the final stamp of approval and the business of 'speed medications' gets green-lighted as a legal venture. Parents are told that their child was born that way. That their genetic makeup is something they cannot get away from no matter how great a job the parent does. This is all a lie. A lie worth billions of dollars.

  1. Can you see that heavy metals in vaccines have no business in developing brains?
  2. Can use see that if you don't balance the video games and 'tech time' with actual outside play that your child's mind will be warped?
  3. Can you see that if you raise your child on corn syrup instead of balanced meals that their gut will crave the hormonal rushes?
  4. Can you see that spending more quality time with your children soothes their hearts and minds leading to more attentive, balanced children?

ADHD drugs tell your child that their is something wrong with her or him and that they NEED this pill. By no stretch of the imagination, the child is steps away from taking party-drugs when they are older. Then you move away from the regulated to the unregulated drug format and who knows what is in the pill. This is how kids overdose and die. This is how our drug culture is sustained and flourishes and this is what breaks down our American quilt.

I am not interested in vilifying a company. I am interested in taking care of our youth because they are the next generation and we have to give them every opportunity to reach and surpass their potential.

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