Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preventing the next Newtown from Happening

Many by now have thought long and hard about what it will take to drastically diminish, or cold-stop these 'wild, shoot everyone in sight' sprees. It seems like a monumental task. We are over 300,000,000 strong in America. How can we bring coherent impact to solving this dilemma?

I believe that much of what I have to say below has already been said. So in essence, I am joining the ranks of civic-minded citizens, educators, and mental health professionals, when I say that we must change:

  1. Family: Put a strong focus on strengthening the family unit in America.
  2. Teaching executive function skill development early on. Make it a national priority!
  3. Personalize educational instruction to students, in order to maximize repetitive successful outcomes over time.
  4. Quiet the mind: Make it a law that all schools must teach and make time for quiet time meditation 2x's per day at school.
  5. Get Olympic-style serious about physical education programs in public schools. Pass a law and enforce it. All able kids should be doing metabolic interval training, isometric training, and dancing.
  6. Protect the mind of our kids. Clean up radio and television programming. 
  7. Support parental book reading early on in the life of children.
    1. Reading to children at least 30-45 minutes per day is recommended, (Marylin Jaeger Adams).
  8. Elevate, and enhance coach/ mentor programs in creative and dynamic ways through the school systems. 
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