Saturday, January 14, 2017

Like Lighthouses in a Sea of Noise / #MoreThanConquerors #theWorld

-The smart laborer starts early before sunrise, knowing the sun will be strong and that the time will move swiftly and the day be done.

-The simple man riseth early, his heart fixed on his task and the work that needs to be done.

-The man of God may stumble, yet he is brought back to his feet time and time again. His salt does not dissipate in the eyes of his Lord for the grace that he has has no end and the favor that is given him is that his Lord walketh and dwelleth in him.

Of course, I speak as a Christian man, yet, like the God my heart and mind and soul recognizes, the love for all goes beyond religion, ethnicity, station in life or creed. So if you will, do allow me to speak with tolerance and a mind of coexistence as I speak as a Christian.

"Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old." -Jesus the Messiah

It is a hard thing and it is an easy thing to leave everything and follow God. The rich man thinketh him a fool,  the intellectual man sees folly in his ways and the poor man laughs him to scorn. They look upon him together and question how he gathers and to what end. But the man's heart enjoys a certain peace and his children bear the mark of his countenance, their own countenances showing the undeserved grace that is gifted and preordained before the foundations of the world were created. Does this make the men and women of God elite? If it be so, let it not be a cause of envy for others for these same are directed and made to cast their crowns before the Lord of Lords and serve with humility, bringing themselves down to the lowest ground in service and with respect unto all. God does love the world and he has sent his laborers to sow, reap, clear out and minister with lowliness, meekness and the gentlest of hearts. That is his will.

As it is written, the servant is not above his master and it is enough for him to be as his master, a joint-heir with Him. If it was so then that the son of God was ultimately despised, beaten down, used and made an example of as to what not to follow, then His children who are forward will face the same dynamics. And so it is that the children of God are brought to pressured to silence though they work the works of God here and there, many a times, unbeknownst to themselves that they be within the Kingdom of Heaven and that their Lord is with them working the good work and spreading the good word.

As a brother, I say unto you to embolden your hearts, minds and souls to go forth as unique conquerors such as the world is not accustomed to. The sheep are scattered, the walls are broken down and the breaches are great. Those who purpose to build, protect and minister will be subject to the same obstructions that Nehemiah and the laborers faced when they built up the walls of Jerusalem so long ago. The more forward you be if you be working in alignment to God's will as it is given in his Word, the greater the obstruction you will face in doing your good work. It is not a thing for the feint-hearted then and our main recourse is to re-fill ourselves with his Word over and over again and to bear the burden of possible slander and persecution in all its guises.

To God be the glory and my their be peace in your heart today.

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