Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Toss a Daily #ExecutiveFunction Skills Salad @ Home That Works / CoachBill.US #adhd #autism

To run a successful home executive function skills program, some metrics or benchmarks need to be hit. 

  1. Don’t run your program 24/7 like your smartphone. You will tire yourself and everyone out.
  2. Make a ‘bubble’ category map plan, or a simple ‘to do list’ (with tasks organized under categories) as quickly as possible. Quick! Before you lose everyone’s interest. 
  3. Try to number together the order of operation with a pencil onto your planning map or list.
  4. Start. Start initiating task, completing tasks, and tucking away experience after experience of  a sense of growing accomplishment. 
  5. Category ideas: relaxation tools, thinking about your thinking, games, exercise, table time stuff, planning,  and the trying new things category
  6. Top 20 executive function skill development and hemispheric balancing activities:
    1. consistent meditation
    2. swimming
    3. playing chess
    4. surfing
    5. skateboarding on small cruiser penny boards (I like the classic wood style, not plastic… longboard wheels only.)
    6. archery
    7. storytelling
    8. dancing (this activity can make a phoenix rise out of the ashes.)
    9. singing to a beat
    10. being a musician (yes, that is a long-term commitment… go with what they like, if at all possible. You want them to be musicians of multiple instruments so don’t make an issue about which your starting out with. Keep it light and positive.
    11. writing (the writing process is a beautiful way to develop EF skills. Get your child or yourself writing everyday. 
    12. entrepreneurship (the entire process is rigorous, transforming, and at its highest functionality demands high levels of innovation, creativity, originality, parallel thinking, emotional intelligence, acumen, tactical awareness, and impeccable social skills.
    13. speaking more than one language (I speak two.
    14. unstructured free play (this is an untouched gold mine that is highly underrated)
    15. playing soccer (professional soccer players have exceptionally high EF skill strength overall.
    16. fencing (tactical awareness, fun, engaging, and a great booster of focus, sustaining attention, behavior modulation, goal-directed persistence, and the list of EF skills toned goes on.)
    17. horseplay (smart roughhousing)
    18. tennis (& all related racket sports are an exceptional for EF dvlpt that is rapid)
    19. role-playing
    20. serious basketball playing and ball handling mastery.

  1. What’s important is that you ‘go through the motions’ effortlessly at first and provide a pleasant experience with integrated challenging situations that push the envelope.

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