Wednesday, May 15, 2013

America's Neurological Health is tied to Big Business Corporate Greed

A Wise entity called the Lord Almighty has said that, "before honor, comes humility."

What has happened to our country is a unfolding travesty. The neurological health of collective America has been dealt a 'Mike Tyson' blow of tremendous proportions due to the desire of big business making profit, and turning a blind eye to the consequences of virtually unregulated growth.
We are like frogs in pots of water that started in room temperature water, but now is boiling over with a neurological continuum of disorders directly linked to environmental pollution. Things are so bad that many of us cannot stand to hear the truth for far too long. It is like a 'Debbie-downer' to bring up the myriad ways in which we are slowly getting poisoned in our bodies, brain, and minds.

Turning on the TV you will get reports of how our national drinking water has all sorts of harmful carcinogens, and pollutants, such as medications that are washed down the toilet, or the aftermath of chemical fracking (natural gas extraction from the ground) on local communities. Our food is grown with pesticides, and plastic comes off our consumer goods and straight into our body...lodging itself, and never leaving, like the guests in the famed rock song, Hotel California by The EAGLES. There are oil spills we never hear of, companies that shirk rules and dump all sorts of toxic waste into streams, and then we have the vaccine issue. Vaccines, in principal, are great. What is not great is that we are collectively bullied, shamed, and sidelined when we mention vaccine ingredient reform. Such smart people in our country, and yet we can't mainstream better vaccine ingredients to replace, formaldehyde, mercury, and metals, which act as preservatives for....... the vaccine.... not our body!

What happens if we all become low-functioning? How much Autism should we take on before we bring our family voices to bear upon this opaque injustice? What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. do today? What would our forefathers do if they were to be transported to the America of today with the power to effect change?

Is it unamerican to say what I say? Am I naive? Do I have it all wrong? You know I don't. I have only mentioned the tip of the iceberg here. The point I want to convey is that we are as sleeping children in a  stupor. We are wasting away on a national level.

Sure, there are civic leaders, and there are compassionate Americans working overtime. There are millions who feel as I do. We need to unite under one umbrella. We need a figure head who will not polarize. We need to take a page out of Dr. King's, and Mohandas Ghandi, and fight the fight for America through non-violence. Ghandi led millions against the most powerful country in the world at the time. One frail man who weaved, practiced mindfulness, and was soft-spoken. This can be done, even in the age of the 24 hour news cycle. America is worth it.

How can we sustain our attention on these matters if we are always going to the 'Roman Colesseum' of our times, pop culture. Rome is burning. America is burning.. and our children will be to busy dealing with neurological dysfunction to do much about it.

Any truly bestowed honor that we may attain to, must wait until we collectively bring humility to our hearts. Humility in our heart, and a coming to terms with reality needs to come before any honor. There is no honor in the direction our country is headed. Every man for himself.

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