Americans of A Stronger Breed / #theFreedomPapers

a6d599b0c6ff457caab6fdc82527a4dd.jpg‘The time is always right to what is right.’

Martin Luther King, Jr.

At present, an average of 3,000 human abortions are committed daily in mostly poor, ethnic neighborhoods.

What service is it to call oneself ‘Pro Life’ and then to prioritize an adherence to the abortionist strategy of a political party ahead of this value in a time wherein the movement to end child-womb slaughter is supporting an immediacy of attaining its goal?

Such a ‘pro life’ position helps no one. It becomes a pro-choice position in actuality.
Recently, Democrat House of Representative Congressman Dan Lipinski who had a strong pro life voting record was voted out of office, and his successor is in favor of abortion, in line with the majority of the Democrat congressional public office holders.

We have the most pro life President in the historicity of the nation and states across the country are taking action to begin dialing back the practice of abortionism in their homes states. Oklahoma for example, has a Heartbeat Bill that has just passed the Senate and is on its way to the lower house. Missouri has only one abortion facility open. Louisiana is in hot pursuit of ending abortion within its borders. The Trump administration has appointed and / or supported almost 200 new Federal judges, with more than 25% being part of the courts of appeal, and two Supreme Court judges, Neil Grouch and Brett Kavanaugh, in line with a pro life platform that protects the sanctity of life in the womb.
How did Congressman Dan Lipinski lose?

It was tough enough being a pro life Democrat in a sea of abortion advocating congressman and congresswoman. Money flows directly from the abortion industry towards supporting and sustaining political placement of public office representatives, of which, more than $500 million dollars is given to corporatized abortion from our Federal Government. In essence, the federal money directly sustains the continuation of marketing and political campaigns to maintain federal money continuing to fund marketing and political campaigns.

But what was his alignment with Pro Life President Donald Trump? How did the Democrat congressman align himself with the Republican leader of positive disruption? At what point did the congressman align himself with the larger pro life movement, effectively distancing himself from a unilateral, non-inclusive pro life Democrat perspective?

The short answer is that he didn’t. Congressman Dan Lipinski actually towed the abortionist strategy play book and found time to attack the President, push forward a Democrat agenda, and celebrate National Pizza Day!

So goodbye congressman! An inclusive pro life movement that united a Republican/ Democrat platform strategy needed you and you chose to go at it alone. Adherence to the political party strategy play book that you followed ended defeating you.

America needs men and women of greater courage. With all due respect to the good congressman, 3,000 slaughters are being done every day. A Republican- Democrat pro life platform outflanks the current balance of power and sets the tone for great work thereafter. Diffusing the divisive legacy of separating the United States of America begins with surgically taking out abortionism with an outflanking maneuver from pro life American families and individuals in both major political parties. The tactical caveat though is that pro life Americans must first unite as one group to first remove the abortion industry from federal funding and ultimately constitutional protection. This Republican-Democrat victory would create a new political union era that can create a bridge for enough time to achieve further victories based on the good faith of working together on ending abortion and starting a new country and society based on empathy. The old guard of abortionistic governmental leaders would be swept away down the drain, and new Democrats and Republicans would continue the new era of working together.

A great challenge will be outflanking specific media that is in line with abortion. The rate of the production of information, and the tactical changing of the news, the sequencing of news topics, time given to each, and perspective of journalistic angles afforded, have crafted an effective nullifying of any national conversation to give legs to a Republican-Democrat pro life union.

They know how to deflect with ignoring and trivializing this issue on multiple levels so as to not have to politicize, directly address the fight, or give momentum to the call to end the divisive energy of abortionism and the unifying of a more loving and caring nation.