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The Next Level: A 2020 Republican/ Democrat Union Initiative

A Democrat/ Republican 2020 union for the United States of America can be had based on a unique platform that begins with starting a new conversation, and finally reaches a goal of strengthening the economy in an innovative and creative manner. 
Neutralizing the Pro Choice Democrat leadership with a favoring of a pro life Democratic leadership reorganizes the balance of power. In such a new relationship, a continuation  of priority of focus, time, and energy can create a dramatic shift across the country in relatively little time ahead of the November 2020 Presidential election. Working together with the Pro life Republican Congress, President Trump can outflank the divisive, pro choice abortion Democratic lobby in favor of a better American union. The creation of such a team can both establish a solidified Democratic/ Republican union in agreement on legislating towards the protection of human life in the womb, and move forward with an economic package that can create a second economic wind for America, namely, the standardization of community entrepreneurship (empathic capitalism) as a grade-school class. 
This ‘pro life/ empathic capitalism’ platform is a genuine, practical construct that can be established with great speed across the nation: 
1. President Trump builds and sustains a favoring of  new relationships for a bipartisan ‘pro life’ Democratic/ Republican base of public support.
2. Then, President Trump directs Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, to work with each state governments education departments to establish an immediate curriculum task force that creates and introduces community entrepreneurship as an equal grade-school class.
3. The new bipartisan Democrat/ Republican union pro life/ economic agenda collaboration sets a new tone of work in our nation’s capital and across the land.
Challenges that can be faced in achieving success exist in half-hearted measures towards achieving this revitalization of American spirit and economic ingenuity:
  1. It is easy to voice support for a cause and garner political points, and then to shift the conversation. Politicians are savvy enough to understand that you can pledge for everything and simultaneously openly diminish support for each cause through the pledging unto many causes or the changing of the conversation.
  2. The prioritization of focus and energy required to champion any one cause gets rebalanced with the media-driven penchant of  continually changing or altering the focus.
The United States of America has experienced a great and deep division on the issue of human abortion. There is a lack of understanding or ingrained, indifference that for one hundred years, these human slaughter houses have targeted black American neighborhoods. In its beginning, abortionist leaders openly called for the extermination of the descendants of African-American slaves. The placing of these facilities in their neighborhoods has been a major source of ethnic oppression. These facilities do not exist in affluent, white neighborhoods. They don’t. 
Smart education is the key that unlocks great economic success for people of black skin color, whereas human slaughter facilities decimate the heart, mind, soul before the child exits the womb. The end game is an America that is stronger and more resilient.