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The Politics of Telling You How & What To Think

American paratroopers at rest in Adolf Hitler’s Eagles Nest after seizing it in 1945.

“Controlling a population starts by degrading a people’s sense of their self-worth…
..distracting them on what matters, and silencing the hearts that rise up in love to awaken the people.”
from my 2018 YouTube video at CoachBill007 : ‘Movement of The Heart’
Did Adolf Hitler lose? Surely he brought Germany to physical and financial ruin, but his doctrine of perfecting humanity through violent purging of people's lives continues on.
As we near the end-of-year holiday season, the ‘spirit’ of ‘joy,’ ‘thanksgiving,’ and ‘peace,’ is an oft invoked feeling and thought meant to spread light-heartedness. Bringing into focus the daily human atrocities that do occur is then, during this time, viewed as a politically-incorrect action, and the initiators of such inconvenient truths subject to being targeted, smeared, and displayed as unsavory people. To the measure that such hearts and minds are organized and outspoken, mindful of leveraging their human rights message in an intellectually altruistic and emotionally intelligent manner, the effect of their message compounds a ripple effect cutting through, even dividing asunder the existent national conversations that are narrated across our social media channels.
The use of media:
in order to control information,
the pace of its distribution,
and its goal of managing what people thought about and how they felt,
…was made absolute in Hitler’s time. His purging of all people that did not fit his ideology of creating a spatial ‘lebensraum’ required the control of media, or the forms of information production, in order to widely-distribute his vision by getting people to disconnect from being free to think critically and speak out without fear of retribution.

The people deemed unfit to live were treated as cattle.

His army was decimated, but his ideas have continued and ingrained themselves in the United States of America, singularly through the practice of information control and distribution, and the continued purging of humans at an unprecedented pace. Nearly 60 million Americans, including my first born child, have been murdered through abortion practices, and the normalization of such an industry has been carried successfully through an informational control conglomerate of:
  1. American academia
  2. the entertainment industry
  3. social media companies
  4. political government
  5. the U.S. Court system
Until recently, anyone attempting to rise up to question the daily human rights atrocity, the $550 million the U.S. Government gives the corporate abortion industry, and the entertainment, academia, social media trifecta has been immediately targeted with the goal of personally seeking to destroy the integrity of their character through the use of overt and covert operations. As it is now, this practice continues, yet, their is now a significant human rights contingent, that over the last forty years, has been able to establish itself as strong enough to stand up to the abortion industry and its phalanx of informational and political control.
In average, 2,500–3,500 babies are killed daily across the United States through abortion practices that include using scissors to sever limbs, head and spine while the baby is alive and pulling these out of the woman with forceps in pieces, and saline-chemical burn that fizzles the live baby into a slow, and painful death in the womb followed by violent vacuuming through the woman’s uterus.

First Director of the leading abortion company in the U.S.A called for the targeting of African-Americans.

A disproportionate number of these being African-Americans and Hispanic raises the question of ethnic genocide, through the emotional-cultural degradation of those ethnic minorities sense of self-worth. In Harlem, New York, for example, more black babies are killed in abortion than are born. Hitler’s ideas won. Freedom and liberty perishes at least 2,500 times a day in America with the abortion industry’s information-control conglomerate saying that such atrocities are a practice of freedom and liberty.
Their is a war then. A real war where real people are dying daily, where humans hailing from ethnic minorities are targeted, and where the pro-life advocates are violently smeared and mocked with the intent of destroying their integrity and bringing them to financial ruin through practices beyond the understanding of the vast majority of American citizens. As we then enter into the holiday season in December 2018, moments of kindness and joy can and should be found and created, gratitude for what we have needs to be expressed, but the gravity of this moment should not be dismissed, less we wrong our own souls and sear our conscience with the apathy that so many Americans and allied forces heroically stood up to and fought with their own lives.