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The Gag Of Intellectualism on Christianity / #religion #politics #drybones

"The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.
It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?"
Matthew 10:24-25

Truly, in the United States of America, the outspoken Christian’s voice has been gagged and silenced in the name of tolerance and coexistence. The words of God as found in the King James version of the old and new testament can be likened to incendiary, revolutionary talk that is anti-establishment. But truth is a lion in the midst of opinions and spun narratives. Truth is not in need of defense and God is not mocked by the watered-down ‘corporate-clean’ version of political correctedness that Christianity is allowed to be. 

“Don’t read the Old Testament!” “Forget the book of Revelations!” “Don’t stay too long on reading about the crucifixion!” “Rest all you want on Ephesians.”

Mainstream culture has established a quiet censorship on parts of God’s Word and has offered various alternatives by pseudo-biblical scholars bent on spinning narrative on the understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When God draws a heart originally slated to be predestined to him as his inheritance, He does so gently and in His time. It is a process that begins from the inside out over time and imperceptible at any given moment. The grace of God is not tarnished by the misdeeds of his children who hail from every language and nation across the world, but is sufficient enough to utterly create a new creature out of the same person, changing their thinking and doing into growing alignment with His Word, who is the express image and body of the invisible God.

In recent years, a new narrative has been put out on the shelf of intellectualism. That of portraying the Lord God Jesus Christ as simply a modern man of his times using mind and heart to rail and upbraid the elite, ruling-class priest hood of the nation of Israel at the time, which was subservient to Rome. In other words, Jesus was/ is refashioned to the present reader as not God, not at all divine, but in fact, a rebellious zealot who was anti-establishment and used scripture to energize his positions. This kind of ‘Jesus’ is no longer the Christ, but a self-duped liar of what he is quoted as saying in terms of who he is, what his origins are and what his future plans for all will be.

One may read the old and new testament repeatedly, even thousands of times as I have, and not get past the rich historical accounts that word the ‘book of books’ from Genesis through Revelation. The truth of the matter is that God’s Word is a parable dripping with levels of meaning. It is God’s prerogative to open up understanding as He sees fit. I continue to read the same sentence lines and find new medicine for my soul. A part of this is the furtherance of the breakdown of the common human thought that I am to believe in myself first and that I have what it takes to succeed in life. I know now that though I have talent, education and enjoy opportunity, without God, I am nothing. My talent and education and the opportunities I have enjoyed would be ill-used if paying reverence in gratitude through my works unto God was not center to my purpose. It may be so that psychologists may smugly disagree on the truth of a very-present intellectual Creator who is truly alive, dynamic and All-mighty. It may be so also that most find it hard to separate the Lord from the dogma, rituals and history associated with the world’s religions too. I can and do. God is love and His Word is true, if you can receive it. If you cannot, God is still love and his Word is still true. Moses was not a liar, nor are the holy men and holy women of the Holy Bible liars or falsely-led. Moses, himself was called a liar and not of God by the people he led out of Egypt over and over again though miracles literally rained down on them.

It has always been then that when a child of God rises that they are relegated as the offscouring of the world by the establishment. These people speak as free men and women who acknowledge a leader you cannot see with your eyes. The confidence of mind in the risen heart sets that person apart from the flow of a society’s culture. Not as better than, but as peculiar servants emblazoned with new hearts. These hearts, because of their growing nature of grace, are received as an affront by others. This is not due to arrogance on behalf of the changed woman or man, nor on an active desire to be confrontational, but the new frequency they emit as human beings embarks their heart, mind and soul into a new tempo ‘out of sorts’ with the given ebb and flow of the greater community.

Over time, apathy is replaced by deep empathy, political correctness by righteousness and a sense of justice.

God teaches through his words as we read his word. He lays guideposts and the code through which to understand the messages within the messages. Yet, the new ’Jesus’ that is sold to us on modern-day, mainstream thought is a mere historical figure that was well-intentioned about the issues of his day and due to his zealousness, met an early fate at the age of forty. It is known well how he died… being beaten mercilessly while wearing a hood to blind him from his attackers, whipped with barbed talons that took his skin off, mocked before the entire city naked and finally nailed with nine inch nails to a cross and left to suffocate over the course of six hours.

This is my Lord.
This is my Father.
This is my Brother.

This is He whom has tacked all my sins on his cross with him and still has love for me.

The new ‘Jesus’ is separated from his words and harshly extracted from holy scripture, thrown onto the land as perhaps a man with a fancy imagination, no more no less. The wise Christian knows better than to fall for such attempts by mainstream thought to goad them out into debate on the truth about who Jesus Christ is. We do not need to defend the Lion of Judah, He who is love and truth. Aside from it being an open and arrogant insult on Christianity, this kind of thinly-veiled attack is nothing more than an effort to ‘stir up’ strife and doubt amongst America, with its Christian majority population. Arguing on such matters is useless with non-believers and achieves nothing. Our actions serve as a better counterpoint to show such darkness of thought what is this altruistic hope and love that flows through us.

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