Friday, May 26, 2017

The American Presidency, Media Collusion and Political Maneuvers by a Former President

sometimes the words are too…
the poems that need to be said are not written
the movements are made to the music instead

sometimes the truth is…
the movements are made to the music instead

the story is released like the sun releases starry mass
the press of your subtle persecution bores me
your ways are predictable, your patterns expected


The American Presidency, 
Media Collusion and Political Maneuvers by Former Presidents 

I was going to let him do as he wanted. But then he upstaged our country’s political protocol and etiquette in a pointed attack on the sitting President of the United States of America. What he did with his presence was more substantive than what he actually said. Former President Barack H. Obama appeared in Berlin along with Chancellor Angela Merkel in front of thousands of beaming fans in his usual ‘cool and charismatic’ way nonchalantly talking of ‘this and that’ as the actual President of the United States, Donald J. Trump was on an international trip visiting three of the major world religions, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism. In addition to visiting with the leaders of countries in Saudi Arabia and the European Union, President Trump gave homage to the U.S. Armed Forces serving overseas and reiterated his stance to unify intelligence and military action to defeat terrorism.

Never has a former President of the United States flagrantly made such a political move to unsurp the legitimacy of the actual President as ‘Cool Cat’ former President Obama did. For a moment, it felt as if he was still President creating and impacting American foreign policy and perception.

Will The real President please stand up?

Dear Former President Obama,

You upstaged President Trump on purpose and in so doing, you possibly further polarized the political divisions in our country. No one is implying that you remain quiet. You obviously have a great amount of energy and political clout and are apparently tactically exercising it. It is unprecedented what you did in co-hosting the concert-like event with Germany’s leader at the same time that the actual leader of America was in the region. Regardless on how it is spinned, it was rude and an overt move to disrespect Trump, rally the American liberal base and message to the ‘World Body’ that you were still in fact acting presidential and capable of trumping the current political order.

Was that the right thing to do? 
How was it helpful to furthering the united front that the USA should portray in the world? 
What are your motives? What is your endgame here?



Dear President Trump,

He tried quite the political maneuver and it should be smartly addressed. It was unprecedented and out of line on former President Obama’s behalf to ‘pull’ such a timed, political stunt. There was no need for him to do this just as you were making the rounds. His effort was to hopefully undermine your administration both at home on American soil and on the international scene. Addressing this action is tricky. He is trying to launch himself into the headlines and acknowledging his political stunt would do this. Feels like he is attempting to create the semblance of squaring off with you while galvanizing political support back home. The commercialized ‘resistance movement’ that he is indirectly fueling needed new fuel as it has been waning of late, and his showing up with the sitting German leader was an obvious aim to recharge his political base, establish himself as a ‘defacto' American political counterweight leader and openly disrespect the standard political process in the US once a president's term in office is complete. 

I foresee him open to repeating this maneuver, and given that the openly biased and unobjective leftist established media in the United States supports his persona more so than putting him ‘in check,’ I see no end in sight to him upstaging again. 

1. ’Soft’ action should be made ready and implemented quietly to offset the desire of world leaders to host him again.

Should a discussion begin amongst the American populace on the matter? It could backfire given that the majority of the mainstream media is in line with him and would seek to drown out an objective approach and reflection to what was done in Berlin.

The focus of his disrespect to the office of the U.S. Presidency and the mutual disrespect shown by German Chancellor Merkel should take center stage over their combined actual message. Further, the collusion of U.S. media in not bringing him ‘to task’ for such an action, a media which is predominantly liberal and anathema to your administration cannot be counted on to do the right thing. They can be counted on looking to downplay the relevancy of his political move, while ‘up-playing’ the crux of his message and the indirect need to bring down your presidency with their bag of revolving ‘red herring’ topics.

Dear American brothers and sisters,

With respect to all political views, former President Obama’s action in Berlin did nothing to create solidarity amongst us. Quite the opposite, his action helps pit political division more sharply and prolongs the possibility of an America that can move onto the next chapter in our democracy. I understand that most of the airwaves and established mainstream media channels do not favor our current President. I see the condescension directed at President Trump. I also see that he has great support across America and is our elected leader. Should we allow other countries to upstage the office of the Presidency as Germany’s leader has done? More than making this a personal spat between actual political figures, the intrusion of another country helping upstage and undermine our elected leader (like him or not) is a ‘dig’ at destabilizing American power and influence, opening the door for other countries to follow suit. Unfortunately, it seems that media influence will go far in attempting to disallow this point to be broached and instead bring the focus of what has happened to other points, thus corralling thought and idea away from the substantive issue. Think for a moment outside of who and what President Trump signifies and place your mindset on the respect for the office of the Presidency and the political action taken by a foreign country aimed at negatively disrupting the legitimacy of our political process.

May God bless America, red, white and blue.



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