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Poem For The Fallen and For Those Who Serve US / #servantleaders @usarmedforces #poetry

The tombstones all look the same though they are inscribed each with a different name. There are millions of them across the land, some well-kept, some leaning, grey and forgotten. The mass of them seems to become to much to respectfully comprehend, yet each of the earthly graves holds long dead and dry bones which once walked. Each was a sacrifice, each was special. 

Each had a mother
each had a father
a brother, perhaps a sister
a grandfather, a grandmother
Each had teachers, perhaps a preacher too.
Some where married, some where too young to know love

But they did have love
Their love was the greatest love that could be given
That of giving one’s life for another
So says my Lord…

Each held their stance
Each took a stand of love
Each forsook their own liberty
Inscripted into an armed force
They fought for ours

In the rain, in the darkness
in the loneliness of the watch
In the pain of war
In the silence of the night
In the cadence of their march

My father, my mother, my brother, my sister
Your dance of love need no music
It emanates from your heart
It sings in your devotion for a cause so great
Liberty and Freedom

The right to manifest our destiny
To speak our mind
To disagree and to come together as one
All these God-given rights protected in their constant march
Their life energy for ours
Their dreams and wishes placed aside for a moment
Placed aside for eternity


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