Wednesday, April 19, 2017

‘The revolution will not be televised.’ / The #PositiveDisruption of #America 2 #SoCent

Ain’t nothing wonderful gonna come out of Washington D.C. Keep watching that way and remain captivated by the carrot stick that never arrives. The true change happens back on Main Street while Wall Street goes off to gamble and the 1-3% applaud themselves for ratcheting up the stock market. Back on Main Street everything is as it has been. Gentrification continues to develop real estate within low-income neighborhoods masquerading as educational development of the community. Uneducated men resort to horrific crime. Adolescents left to their own devices falter. Hopes and dreams are few and far in between for many youth. Washington D.C. politicians are far removed from what life actually is for their constituents who hail from lower-income brackets. National complacency and a numbing feeling that the leader is doing all they can to ‘make things better’ permeates across the U.S.A.

Decades pass on and the proof is in the pudding. We go back into the same cities, towns and neighborhoods and the people still live week to week, month to month. New rounds of elected politicians sell pies in the sky to us all over and over again. When that doesn’t work, the leftist entertainment  and leftist established media takes the helm and plays magic with our focus by changing the story ten times a day in their most serious voices and ‘magnum’ looks ever. Then it is time to go to sleep and go to work the next day for most of America.

They Treat Us Like Sheep

Ain’t nothing gonna change. 
Ain’t nothing gonna change…unless you be the change. 
Ain’t nothing gonna change, unless you be that rock.
Ain’t nothing gonna change unless you rise up and persevere to rewrite the rules.

Why allow career politicians act as if they are actually doing good?
They spend more than half their time raising money and social capital to stay in office.

It is a new era. The time for the politicians, the entertainment industry and the leftist media establishment to control the national social narrative is over. Instead of bringing concerted attention to the socio-economic and educative needs of the U.S. populace, the national conversation revolves around the watered-down views of political parties. No continuous effort is brought to address social maladies in an unbiased way by the televised, leftist news media. It is all self interest. Likewise, out of the billions of dollars that flow through capital markets on a daily basis, these moneys transfer between an elite group of money changers, capitalists and international governments. None of it goes to answering the disenfranchised, educational decay of low-income urban city folk in America or across the world. The interest of these political-capitalistic, media overlords is not in changing the game, but in keeping the status quo, avoiding revolution and making it work for them.

The entertainment industry is used as Maria Antoinette’s cake. The politicians are black SUV's looking as if they are doing ‘official business.’ Years after they have left the scene, everything is the same, if not worse.The Wall Street gang keeps to their back country roads and towns praying the media and the politicians do their part to quell realization of systemic income inequality. Among all this, smaller special interests groups take our tax money to create overt and overt propaganda operations in our communities to shift public discourse. One of these is Planned Parenthood, the legal human baby extermination centers that gluts the land. They get over $500,000,000 a year to brainwash us.
This whole leftist system recoils at being named and lashes out through its media outlets with extremist labels against all who oppose it. With television and entertainment webbing that fans out their attempts to again and again reestablish dominancy they can send the same strategic attack in multiple colors, overtly, covertly and across time. So they like to sit as the middle way and push out with horns all who approach its tactical position as the mouthpieces for consensus… but their consensus tastes like watered-down wine.

  1. What is the individual to do to be a natural, positive force in changing the American narrative?
  2. How can the individual rise up as a political force that positively disrupts?

It all starts with an education. Educate yourself beyond finishing high school and going to college. Educate yourself beyond college and enter graduate school. Read newspapers of opposing views. Turn off your television. Stop going to the movies so much. Let your spirit rest from constantly taking in information. It is time to prepare it to create and to output.

As long as you keep following every new song pumped out by the entertainment coliseum and every last word of our dear politicians and our charismatic news media personalities, you will wash your mind with thoughts not yours and crowd out brain space to think new thought, to connect your heart, mind and spirit and amplify your power.

‘The revolution will not be televised.’ (Gil Scott-Heron)

Get over it. The revolution will not be televised and it is happening. The television networks are owned by people focused on grabbing your attention, not inspiring you to leave the television behind and be forces of nature… or forces of God. The individual changes the American narrative through changing their life from the inside out. We are all connected so soon enough your resonating amplification will be discerned. Being able to maintain a positive energy focused on doing social good that is wholly your own creation, yet not being co-opted or outflanked by the special interests of other individuals or organizations is crucial. The problem is that the eight hour work day gets in the way. What is more, a spiritual voice in amplification creates waves and is like a banner saying to all that you are on alert and on the political move. Their is little room for the modern-day spiritual warrior to be outspoken and keep their desk job at the same time. 

Raising generations of social entrepreneurs becomes a method to unite business with a focus on social good and the success of each project or company redefines the narrative and threading of this American quilt. Social entrepreneurs can create jobs, instill passion and empathy through their actions and bring focus to parts of the community that are forgotten, and/or downtrodden. The individual can rise up as a social-political force that is positively disruptive by caring about the plight of others, especially those who seem to be disenfranchised from society.  Not only that, but joining social media and operating across different mediums and platforms is key to establishing a voice. It is not enough to successfully run a social enterprise to change how business is done in America and the prevailing status quos. The ability to reach every corner of the technological world with your message of social good in action is pivotal to tactically positioning yourself as a counterweight to established media outlets.

Social-political pressure can be brought to bear down on established media, established politicians and big money if done smartly. The individuals focused on being forces of social change that dethrone the establishment’s tactical position as the self-appointed ‘truth gatekeepers’ soon become surveilled and studied with the focus of rendering them ineffectual. There actions can be done in a variety of ways and being adept to stay abreast of changing tactics, learning such tactics and thinking serves the rising individual social entrepreneur’s aim to not just manage a social enterprise, but bring balance to the national narrative.

As it stands, the near monopoly the leftist media has on that which is and is not televised leaves no space for well-informed, educated voices to steer national conversation. Steering the national conversation can keep us out of wars, change how business is run, issue a cultural change to the entertainment industry and redistribute attention to those working on actually improving conditions on Main Street.

If you like to be treated as a lamb, do nothing. It is not about shouting. It is not about physical fighting. Spiritual warfare is not physical. Forces of nature start on the inside first. Start the children young in thinking as empathic leaders. College-graduates can look to their own communities to see what kind of needs their are and seeing how to address these while also pulling an income, then write about it online. Tell the rest of us what you are doing. If you are consistent in your community work, you will grab the attention of others. Do this and you may become an employer, rather than an employee. Do this and you may/ may not grow rich, but you will be answering humanity on the ground. 

America needs more of this.

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