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Individual Advocacy, Political Activism & the Cause of #Liberty / #USA #CivicDuty #BrothersKeeper #PositiveDisruption

As children in America we are raised to believe that we live in a democracy where each voice counts and that the liberties we enjoy are the fruit of a self-aware, outspoken and well-informed people. We are taught that liberty is not free, but has been fought for through all kinds of wars. We are taught that our vote counts and that we can be just about anything we want to be when we grow up.

The reality is much different when idealism starts pushing at the hem of reality. There, in that place where ideas begin to manifest themselves into actual reality we begin to experience turbulence from other forces. In this essay, I explore the notion of individual advocacy, political activism and how political forces practice systemic underpinning of individual expression in our country. Further, I question the practicality of subjugating and undermining individual democratic activity as a means to continuously establish the political status quo of a larger group, such as our two major political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties respectively.

The philosophies behind what we live, how we live, how our lives are influenced by internal and external forces and the interplay of how cultures and governments work in the local, national and global level has always been a fascination to me. My degrees in Political Science and Special Education are shadowed by the professors that I listened to and spoke with. They acted as direct thought influencers in the shaping and molding of my perceptual understandings of my place in the world, as much as how the world unfolds in relation to me and separately from me.

Professor Simmonds, who led the Political Science department at my university stood up on his desk and did not go silently into that good night before he passed away. He cared and he reached my heart, leaving an impression.  Another professor took the class to Africa in heart and thought and brought our mind to the ground to understand the wisdom of the Pygmies and their connection to nature and each other in the Congo. One particular professor opened my eyes to how we have become individuals carrying vestiges of our ancestries, our travels and the impressions of the people who have entered into our lives, be they citizens of the U.S. or from foreign countries. Countless other professors spoke with inspiration knowing that their students would be a generation of world-shapers creating imprints on the world, be they bland impressions, or strikingly deep ones for better or for worse. Each teacher that I found to be passionate  and altruistic put a gem of thought and perspective inside me. I distill these, bank on them and reshape them. They taught us of ideas, people and events as they also taught us how to think, how to avoid thought traps and how to unleash the power of the mind with confidence.


There are many things I like about the world as their are a great number of realities which I care not for, nor see as serving the best interest of our souls and bodies. Learning about how trailblazers have stood up and continued to stand up to do what is right in America emboldens us to consider and act on what we feel and think inside. Rosa Parks stood up as she refused to leave her seat one day in a time of great hate and racial segregation. In her refusal to abide by the rules of the day, she took her seat and smashed down fear with an overwhelming show of soul force. In his constant step, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. obliterated the malign trajectory of the American collective soul at the time. George Washington was asked to take the kingship after fighting hard to restore the principles of the pilgrims that came before him, that we are all created equal and must answer to God All-Mighty. He did not fall for the temptation and disregarded the reach of earthly power offered to him foreseeing the future of America by the precedents set early on in its formation. He set precedent with humility. John Adams’s life prior to becoming our second president was one of epic endurance, meekness and spiritual strength as he lived in a time of tremendous upheaval. He was in the center of the emotional battle as the U.S.A. was birthed. It was Adams who spoke tirelessly and lived the constitution many of us hold dear today. It was Adams, a man of God, who would not give up on what he saw as right in standing with all his might against great forces of division. He was a thought leader that pushed the rudder of America hard. In doing so, brilliant men like Thomas Jefferson were emboldened to rise up and bring their intellectual powers to the front of the battle.

Sojourner Truth refused the narrative of her time and became more than a hero for countless slaves. She honored the blessing of life given to her by the good Lord and did not stand down, but went forth to do good. She walked in darkness holding her life in her hands as she herself became a lifeline to Americans seeking liberty and freedom. 

There is a woman now in our time who is fighting a great evil that is impoverishing our hearts from the inside out. She is fighting for that which is right. Her name is Lila Grace Rose, and alongside others, she is leading the intellectual battle to end the killing of preborn children. She has made it her life’s work. Her constant step in not giving up feeds a peculiar energy to others to not give up and in this flexing of strength she has added a strong voice to a current of love that is as a strong river flowing through the hearts and minds of the land. This energy reaches me and it reaches all the way to Washington D.C. Her energy of altruistic love reaches the hearts of people who do not even know her name. Such is the power of love and God is love.


Now, all these people were and are political advocates, self aware of the power just one person has to effect change. They also understand that to surmount the present political forces in each of their times, they each have to bring unstoppable commitment to the cause they champion. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, for example, saw their fortunes spoiled, were hunted down and lost all. Nonetheless, they fought with mind, body and soul to establish a land of individual liberty and freedom rooted in the Word of God. 

Complacency easily sets in and it is far more comfortable to sit out quietly than to enter the ring every day. One of the messages that the spiritual warrior receives every day is that they have done enough, that they have done their ‘duty’ and that it is okay to rest their cause or their principles. But the Lord Jesus Christ kept going and continues. He lives. Reverend King worked ceaselessly. General George Washington commanded his troops not just with guns, but with his passion and fortitude in what he believed in. He never
gave up. John Adams was to be found on the floor of the Continental Congress watching and speaking with fervor. He traveled across the land and ocean without stopping to form alliances and press the cause of liberty, even as the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence. He fought loneliness, pride and the perks of earthly power staying rooted to his principles his whole life. Sojourner Truth kept freeing slaves and increasing her network, even as people like her were hunted down, nay, there was no woman like her in her time. She was not partying like a rock star, but keeping alive the American dream. Lila Grace Rose does not fight alone, but she has pitted her life against one of the greatest forces of evil present in our lifetime, and she does it with a smile and kind heart. It takes strength to stand like this day after day.

I have myself been asked to consider not writing on the controversial issues of the day, and to not go forth so passionately for the life of preborn male and female humans and to not write about how nano-sized aluminum has no place in the brains of humans. But Planned Parenthood ruthlessly murdered my first-born in the name of progress without my consent and at the age of fifteen I was almost wiped off the map by a ‘weakened’  virus inserted into a vaccine administered to me, Guillam-Barre. A virus I fought and utterly defeated, but not before it physically broke me down, stealing away all my energy so that I could not hold myself upright, nor lift a pencil. So I shall not back down. i shall not go silently into that good night, nor shall I rage. I will write and dance and do incredible good all of my life to put down the evils that have looked to stifle my soul and voice. I am decided on just being unstoppable, even if that means my income is reduced to survival mode because people do not want to hire one of the greatest, most effective Special Educators to ever walk the planet. (I am.) It is then not what I do, but who I am. It is not what you do, but who you are, for what you do emanates from who you are. 

Changing the political status quo is always met with obstacles. Organizations with deep pockets realize that one way to maintain their dominance is by raising up and supporting potential political candidates who can tow their organizations principles. What fallacy and what an abomination it is to get mixed up with human extermination facilities that purport to champion women!  The only way you can
dupe people into eating these lies is by controlling their education. Mixing women’s rights with killing women in the womb is a bad lie that I do not eat, nor should you.

One method of hobbling the country is by feeding it music of a sexual nature decade after decade. Planned Parenthood, the number one preborn child murdering facility organization in America benefits from a culture that is sexually promiscuous and irresponsible in bringing human life to the world. Playing music on radio air waves that constantly alludes to sexual intercourse chips away at any principles we may have had instilled in us growing up. 
The Democratic Party establishment which is aligned with Planned Parenthood and a majority of the entertainment and corporate news industry, covertly targets me on a daily basis in a variety of ways in order to break my spirit. They try their operations to attempt to undermine my character and what others think of me. I am under constant surveillance by unprincipled people with no backbone who care not to uphold the foundation on which the United States of America was founded. 

In seeking to be just and fair I have seeked to identify cultural issues and people with different political perspective that are relevant to the furthering of our culture and the upbringing of our children. As soon as I have taken concrete positions against the slaughter of preborn human life and the administration of unsafe vaccine administration that leads to neurological damage, I have been overtly attacked, studied and followed. I have seen my income and financial ability to care for my family greatly diminished, as well. I have no certain dwelling place. These are all ploys by adversaries to get me to stop advocating for the physical and intellectual liberty of those in the womb, and the health safety of the brains of countless Americans. So be it. I am more than a champion and count it all for the true Lord of Lords. I am an ambassador of God and despise the shame. In Christ his awakened children are more than conquerors. I come from a place of empathy and care for the well-being of others. If I can help save lives and intellectual freedom it will be worth being vilified for it.

‘Rising up’ carries its costs, and I Have Come To Rock and So Should You

Reverend King was jailed, heckled, threatened and ultimately murdered. All of the Lord Jesus Christ’s disciples were murdered, save John. Just about every one of the Lord’s prophets were killed. Every man and woman who has stood up for others in a righteous way and in a consistent manner has met with opposing forces that have aimed to quell their spirits and silence their voices.

Political forces do play lip service to the notion of liberty to the extent that the expressions of liberty do not undermine their specific plans. Established channels of national and global information, such as corporate news outlets are not then as much tellers of investigative journalism, or tellers of the truth, but promoters of certain political narratives which are blatantly obvious to anyone who critically thinks for themselves. Emily Dickinson, our famed American poet said, “Tell the truth, but tell it slant.” 

1. If the people are not allowed to consume information in an objective manner, but have it fed to them in such a way that it promotes the politics of one party over another, then it enters the realm of ‘propaganda,’ does it not? 

2. Further, how are we supposed to raise critical thinkers in this kind of environment of conservative versus liberal, globalized versus nationalist philosophy? 

In looking in at myself, I see that I carry a bit of all of these. I believe in upholding the constitution and acknowledging the foundation on which America was founded, the Holy Bible. Even so, I believe that America is big enough to house people of different faiths and cultures that enter our shores with the understanding that assimilation is key, rather than having global forces completely overrun who we are as a people. In this sense, our republic is a globalized powerhouse with a constant sense of change while it maintains a nationalistic sense of individualism amongst nations. Even so, loosening ourselves from the cords that have held us fast to the hard-fought liberties and freedoms we enjoy each day is a constant issue each true American should grapple with. Local individual advocacy can happen at the family dinner table, within one’s community, and with the advent of social media, across our nation and the world itself. Fighting for liberty can start by fighting with empathy wherever apathy shelters. The power we have to effect change politically starts with the power we have to move hearts and minds, and that implies getting up from the sofa and making a difference in the life of others. This is being your brothers and sisters keeper. This is servant leadership. 

We must be Constant Creators To Stay Relevant

Seeking no praise, a countless number of us go out and do good unto others every day in small and big ways. Doing good can be scaled though. Organizing our ideas and bringing them into reality to create change in a consistent manner can be the harbinger for scaled political change and today, more than ever, the tools at our disposal are more powerful than ever to amplify our impact. I have found that balancing our chosen causes on a local, national and global level is a needful attainment in order to bring our message or cause forward. Their must be a continuum of action from an individual that starts on our streets and towns in the very hearts of people and extends beyond social media. Platforms are important then, less we make ourselves out to be paper tigers and easy targets to be dismissed by seasoned, experienced political players. 

Moving forward creatively across these platforms on the different levels keeps us in a state of relative constant motion. This persistent, creative motion becomes a necessity that keeps us and our worthwhile cause relative, irrespective to us being ‘accepted’ by established forces. In this regard, the real change makers are the ones who are able to bring positive change on the local, national and global level systemically in a goal-directed manner.

As I appreciate my place in the world now and the effect I have had near and far, I realize that one individual can be tremendously powerful to be a change agent, not just amongst those around him or her, but across the globe and back. I look back and see the trajectory of my journey and comprehend that I am more self-aware now of my effect on others and the effect others have had on me. I recognize how benign and malign external forces have buffeted me and others to shape us into increasing alignment with their outlooks and philosophies, most of the time unbeknownst to our conscious selves. With this said, I am thankful to each of the teachers in my life who went a step further and taught me how to think by questioning everything, instead of what to think about. I am thankful for the opportunity my teachers placed in my life to let my heart and mind shine instead of my heart and mind being a mirror for packaged shine. 

First we learn to read, then we read to learn, and finally, if we awaken, we become the creators and bring forth new learning and new understandings that empower others to not be like us, but to think for themselves, to choose wisely and to act creatively.

Go Forth and decide to Just Be Unstoppable 

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