Monday, February 13, 2017

Everything Else Can Wait / #theRealBattle #focus #womensrights #thisAmericanQuilt

Is this a battle of ideas or a democracy without true spirited discourse and without free thought, one of control and intimidation?

One man, a spokesperson who had prominence for a time, said at the end of his time that in the United States of America we had a healthy democracy that thrived due to, amongst other things, the battle of ideas. He had risen up towards the end of his reign by emulating a prince for the land who was filled with love, hope and confidence. This same man spoke eloquently before the world who feigned love for him in the end and then seemed to act as if he bowed out from the limelight altogether.

His unexpected dominion was dismantled at its height and he soon fell away leaving many in utter, abject uncertainty as to what would follow.

Subterfuge and turmoil spread across the coasts of the country and established, purchased voices purported to act as if he still held the seat of power, in effect, looking to establish a vision of possible supreme reign in what was supposed to be a democratic republic and a land of elected leaders.  

“A battle of ideas,” he said as he stared out at all of us. 

A battle of ideas that are delivered using underhanded tactics that seek to control anyone who stands in the way of a multi-pronged platform that is put forth quietly at first and then unashamedly out in the open later. Now, out of the darkness, fiery darts fly forward at those in the limelight who look to begin the work of doing what is right to the best of their abilities, including ending the destruction of female and male preborn human life and the maiming of the human mind with the unset of unsafe vaccines.

This here is the very heart of the matter. The grand prize and the battle of battles for the heart , soul and spirit of a land that is about to go into ruins so that a new law can be born. One law, one world, one people interconnected under the guise of one love and a supposed bright future.

Let the United States of America continue to be the USA.

The practice of exterminating human life and using vaccines to neurologically-maim American citizens is a great evil called progress. Tolerating and compromising with its existence is detrimental to the well-being of America and its people. The propagating of such dark practices has become so huge that it has become a self-sustaining behemoth with its tentacles in Washington D.C. and right in our very minds and hearts by having us lie to ourselves in aligning itself deceitfully with such good causes as ‘woman’s rights.’ The organizations and financial backers of such darkness set themselves up as ministers of light and righteousness. They fund televised news and place themselves as the gatekeepers of honesty and freedom. It is all hogwash.

But this system of lies cannot sustain itself for far too long unless it creates entertainment diversions to throw us off what is of most importance: each other. Hence, the rise of distractionary televised news cycle tactics whereby we are fed reams of news information on a constant basis and soon lose track of what matters.  Human life matters. Good working brains that can be intellectual powerhouses matter.  Staying quiet on these issues is easy. It is easy to just mind your own business and live our lives without being truly active citizens. This is complacency. Complacency lulls our souls into doing nothing and we are driven like sheep to allow the continued propping up of the cowardly reign of organizations like Planned Parenthood and the socially irresponsible pharmaceutical industry that creates and distributes unsafe vaccines.

Not doing anything eats away at the fabric of our American quilt found in our hearts. Like a termite, it eats our collective spirit from the inside out. Not being active, independent-minded citizens who are aligned to the will of the God.

Not doing anything as American citizens continues the waves of  complacency that continuously lap on the shores of our heart, seeking to tire us out, to tell us that we are alone in the fight for good, that God is not working through us and that our only hope exists in giving in and being complacent. The lie is  that as individuals we are not strong enough to voice out on the things that matter. The lie is that when we do voice out, that we have to fall in line with a political party, instead of with what God wants. The burning in some of our hearts is not heartburn form last nights dinner, but a lively spirit by which we keep the true fire of God lit up in our hearts for others to see and be emboldened with.

Evil is rendered powerless if the good continue to simply just stand and to endure with everything we have. We are close to ending the killing of female and male preborn life and approaching the finality of unsafe vaccines.

I pray for our current elected President Donald Trump to do all he can in accordance with God’s will to safeguard the life and minds of all Americans, red, white and blue. Everyone matters. Everyone matters.

1.  It is of tremendous importance to the very spirit of our country that the rights of preborn female and male humans be safeguarded as immediately as possible. 

2. It is of tremendous importance to the very spirit and intellectual-power of our country that unsafe vaccines be immediately halted for they are wrecking the possibility of self-expression, liberty and freedom by creating a feeble and hobbled people incapable of sustaining a call to kind and loving action.

Everything else can wait. 

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