Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Formidable Minister / #ForMyChildren #ForOurCountry #ForMyLord

Should a man humbly accept the evils of a state and act against his own conscience for the sake of being politically correct? Where should be the place that a Christian-man should stand if the laws of the country he is a part of violently murder his offspring mercilessly in the name of modernity and progression?

Must his heart be subjected to the acrimony of established thought and silenced by organized entities who are self-imposed gatekeepers of truth?

Is Truth not the name of one singular man? Is this not the name of He who was also murdered for speaking.. the truth?  Was not Truth, the son and image of the invisible God rejected and numbered with the transgressors in the midst of a secular state? Was not his visage marred more than that of other men?  I do apologize for my words, but my Lord paid the price for my soul and I shall not be ashamed to call him by one of his names. He alone is the Truth. 

Do I upset your sensibilities by daring to speak on such taboo matters? My intention is to bring an end to horrid practices that belong in the 'dark ages.' These are namely, the sanctioned practices of the legalized killing of male and female human life while it is in the womb and the neurological maiming of people from the time they are in the womb and on throughout their life via the advent of unsafe vaccine preservatives. These two actions do more harm to the collective American soul and more importantly, are provocations against all that God stands for.  What would Jesus do? How would Buddha or Mohandas Ghandi respond? What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say and do? 

Has what is right been faded into what is wrong in the name of tolerance and coexistence with powerful influence and money strengthening the thick brush strokes that make this narrative be so? Of course, their are countless men and women , political leaders, journalists and entertainers in our 'establishment' who are for all intents and purposes, outstanding individuals and active in keeping each other honest and even bringing us respite in the form of good governance, great journalism, savvy humor and uplifting stories of the human condition.  

1. With meekness of spirit, I question if they can objectively pit themselves as the gatekeepers of honesty and truth if any be directly or indirectly sustained in part or in full by funds received from interests seeking to maintain these practices? 

Should I bring my wearied heart to silence? I deem it proper to use my intellect and strength of mind to bring a legal end to the abortion practices of Planned Parenthood and the socially irresponsible consortium of large pharmaceutical corporations who refuse to acknowledge and change their unsafe vaccine practices leading to neurological-damage.

A defender of woman's rights, a brothers keeper, and an unashamed and imperfect Christian, I hold on to my God-given right to fight the good fight and I welcome the petty, underhanded tactics and stratagem used on a daily basis against me by spiritually-bankrupt players and forces seeking to break my will and bring it down to the ground. They will find me to be a formidably strong fighter and an iron mountain allegiant to God, who is love. I don't give up and I will never forget the murder of my first born, nor the suffering I have had to endure in the name of tolerance and political correctness. 

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