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Things That Matter / Two Poems & a Reflection

Things That Matter

Clean running rivers matter
Music that calms the heart matters
Parents who adore their children matter
Finding time for good laughter and dancing matters.

Is it only when we loose everything, or have everything taken away that we begin to appreciate what we had?

More than money and things, the people in our lives matter the most. The money can purchase comfort and security, but it can not buy us love and fulfillment. I know this. You know this. My childhood family use to be very wealthy. We had everything. We had an over abundance of money, houses, exotic vacations, the best schools, fast sport cars, nice clothes and money in the bank.

But the Lord giveth and He taketh. Who can understand Him? Though he lives in us and dwells in us, his ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts.

As an adolescent, I had asked Him to make me a Field General in his army. An army that you cannot see with your eyes, but only feel with your heart and understand with your mind.That in that way, it could be that contentment and unalloyed joy may find me, rather than I search for it. 

Little by little, and sometimes very quickly, everything was taken away. Even my clothes, even my dear children. I was pushed down under the water still being able to breathe. All I had left was a fire burning in me from the inside out. I was left on life support by God’s mercy. He stripped everything away… with love. 

In that state I rolled away from life support, pulling everything off me and holding my fire within me. God’s love had arrived. My Lord was priming my soul, raising the fire he put in me. A fire which utterly consumed me. It brought me to ashes. Now I am a different creature. I put off the old man and put on the young heart.

The heart unleashed does not take on water

The heart unleashed does not take on water,
it travels fast and lets itself be
in the twinkle of an eye, 
it makes itself known
leaping from one heart to the next.

The things that matter
are our relationship to the Holy Spirit
and each other. 
Nothing more, nothing less.

Here I am
still standing
Holding this stance
Knowing your eyes behold my heart

My Father, my God and my friend


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