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Can a #SocEnt Cloud Platform Raise Americas Game? / Increasing The Current of #SocialResponsibility

Steve Jobs

Could a company like Apple see the global need to use our imaginations to empower the individual social entrepreneur with practical technology to run their enterprise? Can it warehouse this technology in one place?

Time and money are important components to any kind of entrepreneur and bringing in accommodations and modifications to how work is conducted is always entertained. Can a social entrepreneur cloud platform be created to this end? Would industries and individuals see the relevancy in helping generations of people who want to be socially responsible make a living using such a platform to achieve their community goals?

Building people up with education so that they can compete for the jobs of tomorrow sounds great, but how about we create the  environment to build people up with education and access to tools that can create the jobs of tomorrow?

Does integrating social good with business a creates social entrepreneurship dynamic which ultimately benefits both Main Street and Wall Street.  Is this focus in line with the founding principles of the United States of America... of serving and loving one another and doing the right thing. With our work culture becoming increasingly mobile, technologically-synced and social-media platform-aided is it not just as well that we raise up grade-level students and college-age youth to know how to quickly adapt, survive and flourish in such an environment?

An idea occurred to me which would rapidly connect aspiring social entrepreneurs with the right tools, allowing for strategy's, experiments and 'start up engines' to move more quickly.

What if we had multiple cloud platforms which were tailored for social entrepreneurs? Having a well-known cloud platform that specializes in allowing entrepreneurs to make and customize apps according to their needs would help the social enterprise stay aground and even scale their business. Currently, a person has to go to a middle-player who knows computer code and creates the app. There are programs that show you how to create an app and even kids use them to create their own, but their is no cloud platform that is like a supermarket of apps and tools to aid the social entrepreneur.

In effect, an online cloud platform for social entrepreneurs would directly help extend the life of the social enterprise, raise the quality of professionalism and stream-line pesky anchors that hurt many start-ups in the beginning, like maintaining financial and operational data or creating/ having software that allows for an enterprise to quickly scale. A cloud platform that continues to diversify and grow in its offerings to aid social entrepreneurs could help foment a constant current of civicness and economic hope in a community starting at the ground level.

The empowered social entrepreneur  leapfrogs over many difficulties by being technologically accommodated  by a growing and versatile social entrepreneurial cloud platform. Across time, the learning and experimental process would have people adding to the apps, tools and software. The cloud platform would, in effect,  cut out the middle-players who charge a great deal to make worthwhile apps as well as save a great deal of time by retrofitting a social enterprise with technological streamlining.  This in turn would make it easier for more people to enter the social entrepreneurship industry and increase the odds of fruitful work happening all across our communities.


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