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The Kids Are Watching / #BruceLee #commonsense #idols #junkfood #vaccines #safetybeforeprofit #USA #America #parenting

Would you eat junk food everyday and expect to have a healthy and fit body?
Would you introduce heavy metals into your brain and expect to walk away unscathed?
Would you listen to ’professionals’ and ‘established’ voices who told you to disregard your own common sense and listen to them tell you that eating junk food and inserting heavy metals into your brain is totally safe and sound?

We feed junk into our hearts and minds by listening to musicians play catchy beats with soul-degrading lyrics. We say  ‘yes, please’ with a smile as our doctors tell us that nano-sized heavy metals will not affect our brains and they do not cause brain damage or what is blandly called, autism.

The late-Bruce Lee defied incredible odds and was successful in facilitating a shift in the global culture by consistently harvesting a healthy and positive original attitude, a mindset which influenced his life actions. Because of his resoluteness tenacity, Mr. Lee trumped the ‘half-way success offerings’ that were presented to him, such as just being a movie star and just being a martial artist phenomenon. He did not take the easy way out and stop there or allow fame and wealth be the end goal of his journey. It is evident that he was focused on being a culture-definer and not another brick in the wall of an establishment apparatus. 

What is ‘the establishment?” Is it not those who control the gates of communication and information? Is it not a fragmented club semi-colluding within itself to maintain thought influence and thereby safeguarding the individuals within it with wealth, position and power? Does ‘the establishment’ desperately look to always stay alive by putting forth ‘new blood’ to a massive population of people who are depicted as consumers before human beings. Examples of ‘new blood’ are evident in music pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and talented singer-songwriter Sia. Individuals who are creative forces that stopped short and sold themselves to the masses with radio-friendly music that mixes  great talent with garbage lyrics. Now they are wealthy, now they are famous, now they appear on the talk shows and get interviewed and are marveled at. The radio DJ’s play their music, some of which is great. Yet, then they produce music that is not socially responsible which blatantly is pumped through the radio with no common sense for protecting the minds of youth. Generations of humans are thought-farmed and brought up to idolize these artists. Their music is packaged as an exercise of freedom and liberty and condoned by parents who allow the tunes to be heard. Corporations introduce the money to help scale the whole debacle.

It is still junk and unhealthy, just like vaccines with heavy metals are junk and unhealthy. Bruce Lee was not about being passive in the face of such a carnival. He excelled in surmounting all martial arts and elevating the game with his mind, body and heart. He did not go ‘gentle into that good night.’ He did not rage nor bang a drum. He simply continued to be rogue and unwilling to be purchased, packaged and sold off to the masses. That is the kind of individual passion and determination that is needed to break through the chains of air in our mind. Grit, dedication and a careful watching over our souls is required. Along the way, mastery happens, perhaps wealth. Do we use our common sense and bow out in the third act as many idols do, or do we continue on and be the real game changers of justice and righteousness that our country and the world needs. 

Remember, the kids are watching. We have a social responsibility to them as we journey forward towards mastery in our field, industry, job, art, craft or parenthood.


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