Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Bombing Of Aleppo & "Turn The Radio On, It's Friday Night...Hit The Dance Floor" / #chess #Aleppo #USA #powersthatbe

Their are levels of power all playing a powerful game of chess. Power, territory, money and spheres of influence are the spoils of war. Large weapons that are technological marvels are used, religion is thrown into the mix, people are pitted against each other, innocent civilians, and entire families pay the price of these games.

In school, we are taught how to think and what to think about. In the United States of America, we are taught, or at the very least, we are prodded to be active citizens and exercise democracy, but as we begin to understand the active machinations of how the world actually works, a communication is received to not speak up so much, to not delve so deeply and to stay calm and carry on. After all, the weekend is almost here, “come on, come on, turn the radio on, it’s Friday night and it won’t be long, so hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor!” Or if dancing is not your fancy, watch a sports game, drink a beverage, have a few laughs and then go home. 

Why Be So Serious?

We turn the television news channels on and we see, ‘The Bombing of Aleppo.’ Entire towns demolished, with courageous men and women in white helmets pulling children and their Mommies and Daddies out of the rubble, most of the time dead corpses. We talk of the bravery of this one and that one, then the news cast cuts to commercial to sell us on the latest disorder medication which may lead to suicidal thoughts and dizziness. After that it is a car commercial with a really cool car driver zipping through the desert doing cool cutting turns and a deep voice informing us that this is what it is all about. The banalization and trivialization of life is pre-packaged, sifted, compressed and sold to us. Misdirection is fed to our impressionable minds and an overwhelming amount of highly-questionable information originating from multiple agendas is jammed into us at high speed. All we want to do after that is stay calm and carry on with a bit of passive entertainment. Who can blame us? After all, it is time for America to focus on making itself great again and we can’t worry about everybody across the world always. What are we, ‘the cops of the world?’ We have deep-poverty and socio-economic woes in our own backyards that need fixin.’ Let Aleppo deal with Aleppo. Sure. Let’s coalesce and send humanitarian aid to help these people. We may even protest on the street for an end to the bombings there. People are people. We do empathize and we do not want babies and toddlers, Mommies and Daddies to keep getting bombed to smitherings in their home towns, hospitals and schools. 

Meanwhile, a few levels up, the ‘faces’ of government publicly deplore the massive attacks on civilians and bring up the idea that ‘we must do something’ as the worlds greatest nation. That we can not stand idly by as this mayhem ensues. Americans get placed into the informational cross-fire and heart strings are tugged upon in a call for action as the radio blasts in the background with Rihanna singing about how sex is so good with her, the medication commercials sell their wonder drugs, and the car commercial tells us in the deepest, most provocative voice possible that we need to be driving their car brand.

So their are levels of power on earth all interconnected like pieces on a chess board. Rogue religious-military organizations, such as the semi-religious, militaristic organizations known by many as ISIS and AL-Queda are part of this equation and not supreme in their actions. They themselves are the creations of the intelligence organizations of large countries. This is well-known information amongst the well-informed and this knowledge has been out publicly for years. These organizations are created to manifest controlled chaos in the Middle East and are used as pawns in proxy wars between giant powers that play the game of power and geo-political spherical influence like theater on the local, national and global level in covert and overt ways.

To understand the crux of the multi-faceted dilemma we need not get bogged down at the local level of fighting, such as which semi-religious military faction is fighting for supremacy. These are simply the chess pieces that are moved by powers we know nothing about. Powers that stand behind the presidents and national leaders. 

In the Holy Bible, it actually sais that we are supposed to respect the ‘powers that be’ as our ministers of justice, wether we agree with them or not. God’s Word sais that they look after us and we are not to rebel against them. God also tells us to be prudent and keep silent for the time is evil. We should listen and pay attention to what the Lord says on prudence and respecting the ‘powers that be.’ Sun Tzu, the famous writer and ancient Chinese general said that we will lose in battle half the time if we know ourselves, but not our opponent. Taking up battle against invisible forces too powerful for the ordinary human being makes no sense then. Being prudent and not exercising democracy and your voice so much begins to sound more appealing. Turning up the radio and playing raunchy music begins to not seem so wrong in the face of… such evil.

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