Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beware of the Dogs: Political Intimidation, Media Collusion & #ServantLeadership / #ImStillStanding #TeamUSA

The use of intimidation tactics to bully and sideline outspoken advocates with power to influence on social media was made apparent to me during these last two years. Far from writing an essay on myself, I still must describe what I have been put through as an independent political advocate who voted for Donald Trump. To be clear, I was attracted to various platforms he campaigned on:

  1. Safety before profit, in terms of the use of carcinogenic ingredients in vaccines, such as heavy metals which damage fragile developing brains. 
  2. His stance on protecting babies in the womb from being violently murdered in the name of liberty and freedom. 
  3. The protection of our second amendment in our bill of rights stating “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
  4. His business acumen on a local, national and global level.
  5. The fact that he is an outsider and not a seasoned politician.

When I publish an article, it goes out on over fifteen different social media platforms. My consistent political drive, the topics of interest and my focus on justice have caught the eye of the U.S. political machinery. I aim to be just and fair and am not beholden to anyone, save the Lord Himself. Indirectly, I have paid a heavy cost for my stances. As a Special Educator who works directly with families, I have seen my clientele drop, my income buffeted and my livelihood and that of my children at stake. I have lost both wife and children, as well. In fact, I would be completely down and out if it were not for a handful of families who have continued to employ me on an yearly basis. Three families in particular, a Muslim family, a Christian family and a Jewish family have been my bread and butter for seven years, as well as having other families for shorter periods. 

Being so outspoken on vaccines, the importance on the cohesion of the modern American family, and protecting babies in the womb have been subjects close to my heart as an awakened, bible-toting Christian, and a parent who’s first child was aborted against my will, seventeen years ago.

In the last year of this election campaign, I have seen my name indirectly maligned in subtle ways above the present awareness of the public, including being harassed on the highway, being indirectly mentioned and subtly identified by radio and television in flattering ways and then being slammed by them with nuance and misleading caricature. My full name has never been mentioned, but enough overtures have been made to establish a ‘language’ of communication that has been mostly one-sided and completely politically-driven towards promoting the Democratic party agenda. 

They Tried To Use Me

As a skilled chess player, I learned to be observant of how the political machinery worked to indirectly promote in very subliminal ways, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I received loose death threats to myself and my loved ones and was vehemently targeted by Mrs. Clinton’s political campaign machinery which apparently had the ability to pick and choose information connected to me which was then completely twisted out of context and packaged to me as a form of possible blackmail. 

Of course, I did not change on my voting for President-Elect Trump, nor did I let up on my exercise in freedom in speaking out on the matters that I have been so outspoken on. Nonetheless, like Fox news channel anchorwoman, Megyn Kelly, I was targeted. In some ways I have been loosely honored, yet in other ways I have been made a gazing stock. I am appalled by Mrs. Clinton’s way of ‘getting out the vote,’ and am all the more sure now that an electoral college is very needful in a political landscape where people can be swayed in such ways through brainwashing, and overt / covert intimidation. 

With less than thirty percent of our American populace college-educated, it is not hard to sway public opinion. Case in point, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton’s ability to polarize the nation and create a narrative that deepened this division was cemented by the collusion of just about the entire established media and this has exposed a great truth, and that is that the vote can be easily bought.

The need for a well-informed and educated electoral college which does not fall for these antics and political trickery is all the more apparent. What is sad is that the same established media continues to drive the wedge of political division in the country and gives no respect to the chosen in-coming leader. This begins to directly make the entire country appear as a gazing stock itself across the globe at a time when the world is looking for us to be a strong and united leader of justice and an example of a healthy democracy in action.

If we want to know what freedom and liberty looks like, look no further than the servant leaders of America who refuse to be polarized or divided by political pettyness. We won’t find liberty on a stage making outlandish comments or under the bright lights and carefully worded, politically-tinged scripts on another stage any given Saturday night in New York City. We will, however, find it in the man and woman who signs up to our armed forces to defend our country. We will find it in the citizen who chooses to become a paramedic, in the Hatian-American woman who signs up as a police officer in Harlem, New York… we will find it in the Jamaican-American, great-grandfather (I wrote about) who is still laying bricks in Stamford, Connecticut. We will find liberty and freedom in the Special Educator who refuses to bow down to political forces who simply want to remove all outspoken obstacles from their path at any cost, come what may. We will find freedom in every American, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist who takes on the mandate to serve and love one another within our communities on the local, national and even global level.

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