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Action Letter for the @scalzioriginals foundation / a 501c3 entity #skateboarding #servantleadership

Action Letter for the Scalzi Originals Foundation 

The creation of the foundation is purposed on the facilitation of positively disrupting educational instruction across the United States of America’s public and private systems, as much as it is an exercise in liberty fomenting  social responsibility through the generating of a culture of servant leadership.

To this end, ground level operations began in the summer of 2015 in the U.S. state of Connecticut’s Fairfield County with ground zero being at the city of Stamford’s Scalzi Skate Park. A relatively quiet sport, skateboarding has the ability to sync the brain and body in a constant fluid motion making it an excellent life skills activity for typical folk, but more poignantly, for individuals with special needs. These special needs include Downs Syndrome, Intellectual Disabilities and autism, but also include what is commonly known as attentional and executive function skill deficits.

Primary action goals for the Scalzi Originals Foundation include, but are not limited to, an on-going physical infrastructure revitalization of the skate ‘flow’ park, a physical expansion of it, and an all-weather roof allowing for year round skateboarding for the community. Furthermore, the foundation is looking to expand out of skateboarding into creating a multi-purpose training facility within Scalzi Park providing the physical resources for such sports-training as martial arts and Parkour.

It is the aim of the organization to create a first class training facility that is open to the public, especially the community that has special needs, such as those listed above. 

Individuals with special needs are an not represented well in the community in terms of life skills training even though they be a rapidly growing segment of the population. The rapid and continued rise of what is commonly known as autism has created a great demand for smart services that are effective, efficient and practical. As it stands, their are no resources in the North-East United States of America that render such amenities. 

The Scalzi Originals Foundation, itself an entity inspired by another non-profit organization called Surfers Healing, has the goal of leading a change in the culture through service unto others. 

Interested companies, corporations and organizations interested in collaborating with the foundation to achieve these ends are welcome.


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