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#theLittleOnes and a Poem / #positivedisruption #God

I woke up and thought of the Lord’s prophets and teachers of old. Most made no money or enjoyed  any kind of material success, except some of the kings, like David. Elijah did not write New York Times best-sellers or become financially successful from creating smart phone apps. Moses did actually pen a few books it is said and was the Duke for all intents and purposes, yet he had to pine away in the desert for eighty years living in a tent constantly on the move and tolerating an unruly crowd. He had no stock invested in Wall Street. Muhammad lived a simple man and left the earth without material riches. Abraham was materially rich indeed, as was Job, the great-grandfather of David, and Joseph who became the ruler of Egypt under Pharaoh. But most of the Lord’s men and women were simple folk who did their duty and then were executed, even God’s own son, Jesus. 

As a young man I thought how could I best live my life in service to God? What would I be and do? How would I make a living? At the end of my life I would like to be able to more than satisfy the answer to my question, did I follow my heart and mind or did I seek God’s face? After all, He said in his Word to seek him first and then all else would be added unto me. I sought him first, albeit with some human hiccups along the way, but I have followed Him.

I follow you.

Remember how I have cried onto you.
Remember how I have groaned that your will and not mine own be done in my life.
Remember that I have loved you more than wife and children.
Remember Lord. Please remember.

Put away my faults far from me.
Lead me in the gentle paths that you have set out for me.
Leave not your servant behind forever.

Bring to remembrance all the lives I have positively impacted.
Keep in your heart the good fight that I have fought for my brother and sister who is oppressed.
You know me to my bone and can see the intent of my heart.
Remove from me all stumbling blocks.
I have forsaken all that does not matter.
My soul has followed hard after you.

Here I am Lord.
A man, just a man. Vulnerable. Naked.

Forget me not.


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