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Empty Clouds of Paper Stardom Can Become Full-On Forces Of Love / #servantleadership #thisAmericanQuilt #insideout

Man that lives for himself is of no use to mankind or God. Man that cares not for the plight and well-being of others forgets the commandment to love and treat others as we want to be loved and treated. Certain springs of energy in our America society push the notion in America that we must get our own and demonstrate an aggressive approach in how we go about attaining our success. God's word sais that this kind of posturing is like empty clouds passing by that may seem to bring shade for a season to others, yet drop no water. 

Do nationally-recognized singers, entertainers acknowledge the gravity of influence that their words have on the psyche of their fan base?

Taking to task well-springs which influence the hearts and minds of American youth

Find your voice, find your tempo, begin to sing and pique the intellectual process of others, rather than devolve your profession into name-calling and empty-swag backed by nothing. Should irresponsible artists be allowed to rise to such great heights? We allow them these magnificent positions of power as gatekeepers to our minds and hearts. Consider how much radio play some artists get while they sing about having sex. What goes on in the mind of radio station deejays who choose to play this music? Other artists sing empty words calling for an utopian change across the American landscape, yet what do they do in action for their community? 

It is no longer business as usual in America and those who have been allowed to rise to places of prominence best heed the call to put their shoulders to the plow for others. The greatest country on Earth is filled with all kinds of real poverty. There is a great amount of work to be done and not enough hands willing to be on the top deck. Doing more for others when we enjoy lofty positions is doing the right thing and an exercise in real justice. Serving keeps the heart young, connects us to other caring hearts and sends a strong message that to him or her who much has been give to, much is expected.

Without playing the blame game, a call to greater civic action by regular folk, as well as those in politics and in the art and entertainment industry is necessary to help raise the collective consciousness of each generation. We don't have time to allow 'superfluous' self-serving attitudes to take the lead in crafting what kind of America we are going to live in. Time flies, we get older and opportunities to make changes come and go. Now is the time to change ourselves from the inside out, place our hearts on the line and reach out to make life better for each other. We don't have to bring about world peace in one day, but we can completely transform the lives near us when we selflessly put ourselves at each others feet.


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