Tuesday, July 26, 2016

@ScalziOriginals Skateboard Company Mission / #socent #servantleaders #edchat

A holocratic organization has been purposefully established at Scalzi Skate Park, in Stamford, Connecticut. Our particular form of holocratic organization is rooted in the concept of leading through service to others and decentralizes leadership allowing the company to be led by any team member. The Scalzi Originals Skateboarding Company has a co-founder base that retains full ownership of the company, yet ideas and tactical leadership implementation from any person in our organization is encouraged, discussed and followed-upon. Everyone matters. The individual strengths of each team member is unique and is integrated supporting increased operations management.

What We Do

With clarity of purpose, we focus on toning executive function skills, social-emotional skills and cognitive-physical synchronicity by teaching skateboarding to typical youths, as well as those with special needs, like autism and Downs syndrome.

Why We Do It

We want to serve our community in dynamic ways. We love to skateboard and recognize its social-cognitive-physical benefits. Moreover, we recognize that individuals with special needs, like autism, Downs syndrome, or an intellectual disability reap the greatest growth rewards. Skateboarding is a relatively quiet sport that introduces the element of adventure and play therapy as the skater increases their functional balance, agility and overall know-how in managing, orchestrating and directing themselves with goal-directed persistence.

What are Our 5-Goals

1.  Stay in line with our social entrepreneurial, servant leader focus.

2. To bring light to the darkness so that members of the community can skate by facilitating the establishment of a solar light post that shines onto Scalzi Skate Park in the night time.
3. To expand the skatepark square footage.
4. Successfully manage and direct our brand of skateboard schools in additional skateparks with an initial focus in the states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are currently focused on New York City, Harbor Point in Stamford, Ct.,  and South Norwalk, Ct.
5. Establish a skateboard business that sells boards, clothing and accessories.
6. Create a documentary film.
7. Stay in line with our social entrepreneurial, servant leadership focus on helping the community.
8. Establish an open-air, multi-sport training facility that connects with the skatepark offering individuals a whole range of cognitive-physical training modalities, including parkour, skateboarding, dancing and Capoeira.
9. To be positively disruptive and replicate ourselves.

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