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We are Born in the Womb & with Care, We Grow #InsideOut / #risetogether #EpicCommitment #America

We are born and with care, we grow. 

It has been and still is a fact that some people are born without the right to live. Others can own this right over them. We live in a day and age where this still occurs in just about every major city in the United States of America. During the time of the U.S. Civil War, which ended in the beginning of the summer of 1865, human beings with dark skin pigmentation fought shoulder to shoulder with others who thought and felt that all men and women had the right to God-given rights to live at peace and be able to pursue their happiness as they see fit. No longer could someone in America ‘own’ another person. This included having a say in the life of a pregnant woman and the growing human being in her womb, the life of an elderly man, or a young child. The slave master owned that person against their will.

Forty acres and a mule

robbed from their families
abruptly taken from their land
‘galleyed' in the lower decks of boats with chains
shipped across the Atlantic
Four hundred years in servitude
Unimaginable hardship 
they survive
they flourish

With hard-fought freedom,
the dark cloud of the sin of slavery 
shows signs of dissipation 
Rays of hope
begin to shine over the United States of America



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