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Fishing Lines, Bouys and Independent Thinking / #GoForth with an #EpicHeart and #EpicCommitment

Fishing Lines, Bouys and Whales

Occasionally, a large whale steams through the seas
with man's entanglements upon it
fishing lines and bouy's
stretching long after its tail
it is a sad sight to behold

the power of the whale forces the bouy's down with it,
every downward exertion becoming increasingly labored,
the whale, stock full of energy
will live this way

Occasionally, whale protection authorities will spot such a whale
The men and women will follow the whale at it's speed
approaching it to release it from its situation.
Wary, the whale may submerge and take evasive maneuvers

The men and women anticipate and predict 
With spears of scissors 
gingerly cutting here and there
Gone is the bouy
Away the fishing lines go

The whale increases its speed
Steaming through seas majestic 

#poetry by Coach Bill 

Each of us has tremendous potential to be incredible forces. Yet, many a times, these forces of nature get co-opted by special interest with its own agenda.  Some of these agenda's are helpful, some are self-serving. Knowing how to recognize the difference is the key. As we polish, streamline, fine-tune  and put our force towards good it will expand in amplitude and this will attract all kinds of elements into the sphere of the growing force.  It is possible to neutralize or misdirect a growing force through manipulation. If the person is a strong, independent thinker as a matter of practice, they will know the value in protecting their force through upholding the value of their character. Likewise, if a person is driven by the wind and places no rudder on their boat they will be led about with no purpose at all, though they drive hard across the sea.

Like a solar system, getting past self-doubt and an entrenched sense of failure is like getting by the Kuiper Belt of rocks that circles our solar system. Once we are within the neighborhoods of the planets, or established forces, it is imperative that independent thinking continue to take precedent. Strong gravitational pulls and pushes will be placed on new forces and the independent thinking can serve as a protective shell. The value of independent thinking is such that it will stand out and face 
flattery, scrutiny and dismissiveness at times. To stay strong it is healthy to be a avid listener to that which is agreeable and that which you do not adhere to also. In this sense, as a developing force you are leaving yourself open to others and letting others know that you are open to adapting and molding yourself. You are also saying that you are open to taking on parts of them.

Eventually, you rise like a phoenix out of your own ashes over and over again without failure. You don't fail because you simply did not give up no matter how many times knocked down. If you get burned down... then be the fire that rises up.

The best kind of independent thinkers are also servant leaders. They are not withholder to the agendas of others and work to empower hearts and minds. It requires putting the needs of others before your own. It requires being clear on your purpose and steadfast in your determination and resolute in your commitment to go forth with your original convictions. 

Take time for yourself on a daily basis to review, digest and contemplate on how you are bringing forth your unique voice to the world, rather than echoing the voice of others. Their voices may be important, but so is yours. Develop yourself from the inside out so that others can feel your glow and heat. You just don't know when someone may take license and decide upon themselves that they want to amp their force also simply from your example.

#GoForth with #EpicCommitment and an #EpicHeart

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