Saturday, April 9, 2016

True Leadership & Power Rests in the Spirit of Servant Leaders / #positivedisruption #unstoppable #thisAmericanQuilt

What are true leaders? Do we covet fame? Do we covet the people's acknowledgement of our effort, our work, our success in our endeavors? 

What is true leadership? Is our passion and conviction beholden to polls?

No. That is vanity.

A true leader moves silently, does the work and moves out without letting you know he was there. A true leader does not seek the spotlight and gives credit to the team putting the least first. This is servant leadership.

How large can a true leader become when she does not seek adulation? How powerful does their influence become across the land when they do not stop to be praised in the parades?

What understanding can be gleamed from this kind of leader? What is true power? How does the servant leader retain power over the ordinary political leader? 

How does the servant leader exercise coup de etats left and right without physical armies? How does he retain power and bring his opponents to heal?


Faster than a speeding bullet
Stronger than iron and steel
More agile and certain than Pele in his best day
So is the consummate servant leader

She brings herself down to the feet of others
She wins hearts easily as she cleans their feet
They give her their hearts
She lifts their minds
They walk in step
Shoulder to shoulder

So lowly and meek
Servant Leader with no agenda
Yet so much power and strength 
Pulling from free hearts
With cleaned feet
And emboldened hearts

You wouldn't believe
A revolution under way
And the leader dancing'


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