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Sailing Away from Predictability on the Winds of Spontaneity / #servantleadership #theExtraMile #InsideOut #humanity

What is important? What is of value?

On the surface, the world with all its happenings and events race by non-stop.  Our need to make money to pay for our living is a constant pull upwards. Weekends roll in and we collectively sigh and reach for a calmer pace. Monday and Tuesday surely come back in and we repeat the cycle. If you like what you do your outlook is easier, but if you are not head over heels passionate for your work the prospect of returning to work may seem arresting. Time flies, weeks go by. Seems like it was last year just yesterday. Everything repeats itself.

Those will young children get a new lease on life. The kids are not routinized to the ways of this world and tend to brim with life and joy. I know how it is. I have kids of my own. Still, everyone must work and a predictableness to our lives is constant. Some like this to be the norm. Predictability.  That is fine. Some of us do not. Some of us like order mixed in with spontaneity and adventure.

Three different camps. 

Do you fit into one of them a bit? A great many of us like adventure or at least like to have it around us, even if it is vicariously through a movie screen or television set. Is there a way to write your own script that is not beholden to how much money is made, though? Is it possible to live a life that is outside the norm, yet directly benefits the community? Do we need fancy degrees, titles and cushy offices in order to embark on such adventures?

Looking beyond ourselves, we can look on people who are down-trodden and an eye-sore. Very poor people who are living in poverty. We can see their surroundings and the communities they inhabit and  like adventurous youth we can plot out initiatives to better their predicament. We can don the hat of social entrepreneurs without asking permission from the college of social entrepreneurs. We can ship away from the dock without a dollar in our pocket or alliances with a bevy of organizations to go shoulder to shoulder with us. We can go on an adventure and be of service to someone who can never repay us. New relationships can be made with the poorest of the poor and we can be of value starting in the ways we know best, rather than in the ways others have done it in the past. Volunteering in a soup kitchen is fine, but what about initiating and arts and craft workshop on the street? You just need two stools, large paper and a pencil or some paint brushes. Or, you could be a scribe and sit on a bench with a homeless woman and take her story. Maybe after some sittings the woman will be prompted to speak poetically. You may be inclined to publish all this on a blog.

These are little acts that bring life to people who are ignored by the 'wheels of progress.'

I ask again then, what is of value? What is important?

It cost nothing to reach out and touch a heart and be a caretaker of our humanity. I find that those at the bottom of the barrel have no issues with someone bringing themselves down to their level and sharing moments with them. You can touch a life like this when you go the extra mile. We can bring hope with simple, small actions that send ripples of energy from heart to heart. So it is that in these ways we can depart our ship from our regular dock and breathe newness into our lives and into the lives of others. This is servant leadership and it is an adventure. Just be consistent. Before you know it your life gets turned inside out and nothing remains the same.

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