Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Mom's: Mothers are the new Dad's. / #thisAmericanQuilt #family

In an ideal family situation, children benefit from being raised by both of their parents. In many family homes though were the biological parents of a child are still together, the feeling of raising children as single-parents seems to be very prevalent. The traditional family set-up has the father going out to earn an income while the mother has the full-time job of raising the children and managing the home. This is the way it is for many families. 

  • How does this impact the childhood of the children? 
  • When these children grow up and start families of their own how do they manage their own role in shepherding their own families? 
  • How do the children view the role of the mother who plays both parents in the absence of dad?
  • What did the grown-up children learn to value (and not value) from the example of the parents?
  • Is it alright for a parent to never be home because they must work all the time? 
As you can imagine, this is not an easy topic to discuss. To some extent, we are a work-driven culture. America's economy is the strongest in the world even when it is going through a recession. However, at what point do we mis-prioritize the need to make money with the need to be present on the living room rug with our children? 

  • How are our children short-changed when one of the parents is never around? 
  • After many years of the same routine, in what state does this leave the mother? 
  • How are mom's to manage as single-parents when dad's are always away working? 
  • Does this lead to resentment amongst couples and inevitably set the grounds for divorce?
With the passage of time, this holding pattern begins to come undone. The children and working parent grow emotionally-distant from one another and the foundation for the couple to grow apart from each other is reinforced. The mother is left to be both dad and mom. She becomes a sort of Super Mom. It is a taxing predicament that creates uneasiness in the family home.  

Should it be this way? Is their a way out of this? Do sacrifices have to be made to protect the love a couple has for each other so that it thrives and does not stagnate? Is it important for children to see their parents being kind and loving with each other, or must dad's be all-business and TV-sports focused week in and week out? 

  • Is the emotional well-being of our family second to the almighty dollar? Should mom's be left to 'pick up all the pieces' as dad's go out and do their 'duty?'
  • What do the children learn from the dad in terms of 'raising a family' if dad is never around?

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