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#Palestina - Dancing Justice into the Heart, Into the Mind / #positivedisruption #commnunity #MiddleEast #thisHumanQuilt

What is to be said and done to a people bereft of land and opportunity? Historically despised by many. Bottom of the barrel. Off-scouring. Fighters. Pushed around.

What is to be said of a small people whom are typified as barbarians, rock throwers, harbingers of terrorism, rebel-rousers, aggressors, non-conformists, hijackers, an implacable people?

Palestina. Palestine. 

There are always two sides to a coin. In Gaza, what amounts to a high-tech security prison, nutritional and caloric intake is reduced purposefully for the whole population. This means that there is not enough healthy food apportioned to each Palestinian to grow strong, ruddy and vibrant. Neurological and physical health is dealt a heavy blow. According to established water authorities within Gaza, ninety percent of the potable drinking water is contaminated and not fit for drinking. Infrastructure that deals with water safety and its distribution was bombed out long ago and peters forward. The world knows this.

Who will put their #shouldertotheplow for them? Who will step in decisively and bring Justice with a capital J to the Palestinian infant? Who will say, 'hey, this is just not right!'

Light as a Butterfly

Brother, my right arm fell 
when I turned away from you
Sister, the roof of my mouth dried up 
when I failed to address your wound
I am your keeper.

#micropoetry by CoachBill.US

In the Abrahamic religions, our Lord stipulates that we are all his children. He calls himself lovingkindness and wonderful counselor. Vengeance belongs to Him. It is not for man's heart to employ itself in the work of retribution. In exacting revenge directly or indirectly through ignorance and dismissal. Does this not rob our own hearts of their fulness? Imbalance shows up in our lives and seeps out like rivers into our communities and nations. It becomes true then that we don't all rise evenly. Lopsidedness springs up like thorns and thistles across minds, hearts and the land itself in strange ways. Over the course of generations the roots of this imbalance becomes hard to identify by many. All that many end up experiencing and understanding are the symptoms of the imbalance.

In Gaza and on the West Bank, the people are walled-in in more ways than one. The malnourished infants grow up in this systemic pain. It is like growing up in trenches having to constantly ask and fight for their right to live freely and pursue happiness. As a whole, the blow to their psyche is formidable. It is not farfetched then to connect the dots on how anger rises up in a human populace that grows up as a proverbial punching bag.

The inception of organizations to shake and disrupt come to life in such a garden. Some of these stay non-violent. Others take a different route. Some of the organizations start with good intentions and then become lucrative entities focused on financial gain, power over others and physical aggression. Outside forces with their own agenda may also come in and manipulate for their own narrow-gain. 

So, we come full circle. What is to be said and done to a people bereft of land and opportunity? They have been historically despised by many. Bottom of the barrel. Off-scouring. Fighters. Pushed around. As a conservative Christian I ask if pro-active, smart love and kindness is the way. I know that lovingkindness is the way. Lovingkindness looks beyond the color of skin, beyond creed, beyond history and walk of life. It works fearlessly. This kind of spirit moves quickly and poignantly.  Lovingkindness dances its dance into hearts and minds doling out justice like a fire hydrant shooting forth water indiscriminately. Individuals, organizations and nations that unbutton their cuffs, roll up their sleeves and do the consistent hard work that needs to be done for the Palestinian people are the wise ones filled with understanding. 

This is how we eventually beat terrorism. 

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