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How #Abortion Destroys the Soul of America / #thisAmericanQuilt #PlannedParenthood @PPpact

My first child was murdered without my consent by Planned Parenthood over a decade and a half ago in Stamford, Connecticut. My child was afforded no trial before being vacuum-sucked and trashed in the garbage. I was not called to ask for my consent to kill the child. There were no rights protecting my fatherhood in Connecticut then or now. 

I married the woman and had three more children by her. I love them all dearly, though now those three remaining children have been taken away from me also. At the time the mother informed me that she was pregnant with our first I immediately made arrangements to jump on the Chinatown to Chinatown bus from Boston to New York. I was even able to get the bus driver to stop in Greenwich, Connecticut were my now ex-wife and girlfriend at that time lived, rather than having to go all the way to the city and then jump on a train back to Connecticut. I was racing to be by her side and let her know that as hard as it might be… that I would stick by her and that we would raise the child. I loved the woman and her family and though I was still in college, I was prepared to assume my responsibility as a man. That is what a real man does. That is how I was raised.

Well.. I arrived about one to two hours too late. The maid that cleaned the family home had coaxed her into going to Planned Parenthood speedily before my arrival. When I had arrived, I entered my the darkened room of my girlfriend and found her lying in bed as if she had just been in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson. I was beside myself. She did not want to talk about it and she pleaded to me not to mention anything to her parent figures. I, of course, unloaded on my mother. I was told to feel like this was a necessary thing. That it was okay. No one consoled me over my loss. Everything was swept under the rug. This woman has had a total of three abortions. Only one was mine.

In our ‘throw away society’ people have sex as a form of entertainment and love knowing that they can simply discard life if things ‘get complicated.’ What message is sent to younger generations about the sacredness of life?

I ask Planned Parenthood by what license did it feel free to destroy my first child? I ask the U.S. Supreme Court where my rights are protected as the father? I ask the U.S. Government about funding an organization that is credited with planning nothing? I ask the families of our land about how murdering the conceived impacts their heart (soul)? 

I promise you that your heart will never be the same after you willfully kill human life. You can’t have a picture perfect life with a picket fence and the right car while your heart is in tatters.

Here I am now, a grown man, sixteen years later and have begun to grieve this loss on the heals of the loss of my late-father and now the loss of my three remaining children. The same woman, God bless her, divorced herself from me and has taken full custody of our precious children. I never see my children. So many years have gone by were I am not allowed to have a normal life with my three remaining treasures. They adore me and I adore them. Not a night goes by were I don’t quietly cry myself to sleep as I look at pictures of my lost children. The mother does not even allow them to call me. 

What happens to the heart of the woman who aborts? What have I done to be spoiled like this? I know the Lord is in control of all things and there is nothing too hard for him. He sees our ways and how this country handles itself.

Lovingkindness holds its stance
It fears not
It stares down apathy
Making it cower and crumble before it

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