Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bringing Down Apathy (Flyer) / #SouthNorwalk #Community Center / #positivedisruption CoachBill.US #allin

The People United Cannot be Divided

Stand with #EachOther to finish off the ouster 
of CEO Warren Pena 
from the South Norwalk Community Center.

Let’s bring in #ServantLeadership that puts others before self first!

Let’s give ourselves great programs that empower us:

chess art music dance  theater yoga
executive function skills coaching academic tutoring social entrepreneurship training  and multiple sports programs

Let’s give the homeless hope,  help them be productive and off the streets!

Let’s bring in people who care about putting the families of South Norwalk first at 
the South Norwalk Community Center

Contact via email at CoachBill.US to sign your name and put your heart towards empowering your community. 

For more, go to https://www.CoachBill.US
Twitter.Com @CoachBill007
Instagram: CoachBill007
Youtube: CoachBill007 

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