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#America Brings #Revolution to @Cuba / #positivedisruption #community #PresidentialGrit @POTUS #goForth :)

Tio Enrique, went back almost two decades ago and brought back pictures...

Mami, as her grandchildren call our graceful, humble and classy artist grandmother said,

 "Ay! Los mumbles son los mismos mio. No los han cambiado!"

My cousin, my sister & a stowaway (lols)
 Two families had been living in our family home. She left  Miramar, Cuba in the heart of La Habana in 1959 never to return. My cousin, Enrique Alfredo and my youngest sister, Giselle,  went back about a year and half ago and walked into my families former home cataloging it and bringing back a treasure trove of nostalgia for the rest of the family to see. The families living in the home were gracious enough to allow this. Everything is run down in an elegant way. The people living there there have done what they can with the means they have had.  People do what they can to get by. Enrique told me of the warped political science perspective of the taxi drivers which like the Chevrolet's, were eerily stuck in the mentality of 1959, the year Castro and his group of 'revolutionaries' took over. Enrique Alfredo and 'Gisi' were taken aback at the rampant prostitution of the islands female offspring. It is as if time stopped and an entire people entered the twilight zone. It is bittersweet.

Things were different before 59.' At the turn of the 20th century, one of my great grand uncles was Vice-President of Cuba, a few others were senators and one even led the Red Cross attaining the highest honor a civilian could receive for his duty to his country. He spearheaded the wide-spread distribution of vaccines in the island amongst other services to the people.

*Note: If you have read any of my blog posts on the safety of vaccinations you will see that as a Special Educator I stand for safety before profit when it comes to vaccines and rail against the use of heavy metals and carcinogenic preservatives placed in them. These ravage the developing brain of human beings leading to a damaged neurological continuum that extends into what we what we blankly call..autism. But this post is not about that. :)

My maternal grandfather, Papi, who was like a father to all his grandchildren, practiced law up until it was time to abruptly leave the land for the United States. They landed in Amityville, New York. He shepherded his seven children  to safety in America. Everything had to be left behind. A way of life stopped. The Castro's took over our beach house in Varadero. The island-life was replaced with the winters of the American north east. The long and arduous road ahead to secure the physical and emotional well-being of his children began anew. He spoke fluent English which helped tremendously in re-establishing them and the family was thankfully well-received in the new country. Still, things were hard as you can imagine. He had to start at the bottom.

A #NewDay

A day and a half ago, U.S. President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit the island. This is a historic humble overture by our Commander-In-Chief to step down on the palmy, mountainous island in an effort to bring peace between the two strikingly different thinking governments and form new ties for generations to come. It took guts and grit to do this. Fidel's brother, Raul, who is the President of Cuba now, chose to not meet our leader at the airport. Perhaps not very gentleman-like on his part and certainly politically motivated. In my estimation, this does not take away from President Obama's entrance. In fact, it magnifies the forward-thrust of democracy into a land bereft of modernism. Raul Castro's non-action even seems petty and small in light of the historic moment. It shall be but a footnote in history. Looking at the greater picture, a door has been swung wide open. A door that shall not be shut again. Our leader made this happen. He made it happen. It was a long time in coming.

You did it Mr. President. You took that step. Nothing can take away from this gallantry. Simply going in with 'Airforce One' was enough. I take my black hat off to you. You had my admiration long ago and now you have deepened it. What you have also done for the people of Cuba is incredible. You
have brought hope with your smile and good-nature. Keep your chin up, go forth directly to the community and enjoy your time in the sun.

YOU are THE revolutionary.

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