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What makes #Galileo #HotterThanFireForOthers? / What makes #Galileo #HotterThanFireForOthers? / #positivedisruption #entrepreneur #science #engineering #technology

Coach Galileo

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was a Dad, a scientist, an engineer, an entrepreneur, coach of the community and the founder of modern astronomy. In Galileo's time, captains of ships had begun to adventure forth in exploration of the entire Earth and the first settlement in America was established (May 1607) by the Virginia Company of London as 'Jamestown.' As a Dad, he was especially loved by his children who were very close to him throughout his life. His son Vicenzo acted as a scribe in his blind fathers old age and his two daughters were devoted to him. It was Galileo who  established the application of the refracting telescope as a means to confirm that, indeed, Earth and the local planets revolved around the sun. His study of comets, the moons of Jupiter, the phases of Venus and the establishment of 'longitude' as a concrete understanding made verifiable by the invention of his new product, a military compass.

Virginia, one of Dad's princesses
Of interesting importance, Galileo was a businessman. A living, breathing entrepreneur who engineered what became known as a military compass with an incredible number of uses. He mass-produced these compasses and packaged them out, complete with instructions and an advertisement to coach (with working rates listed) the owner of the instrument in person. Before Galileo Galilei, nobody had ever mass-produced anything as an individual, marketed it on a large scale and also positively disrupt all major areas of life at the same time across the planet all at once.

It was because of his military compass, that the 'concept' of longitude could be understood and charted out. His military compass worked shoulder to shoulder with his confirmation of heliocentricity and his findings that time could be clocked by the planets allowing for sea-faring captains to plot their courses with incredible precision. This ability to identify one's geographical position long before we had 'GPS' on our smart phones was a game changer that disrupted how maps were made, boats were sailed, how generals and kings practiced strategy, tactics and movement in time of war, how land was surveyed and even how far (parabola) a cannon ball could fly by measuring its weight and how much gun powder was needed to fire it.

Coach Galileo in prison.
For all intents and purposes, Galileo Galilei had so much 'fire in his belly' and was such a controversial figure that he eventually was tried at the behest of a power-wary Catholic Pope in the Spanish Inquisition, put in prison and then under house arrest till his death at seventy-seven years of age. Even then, four years before his passing away and completely blind, Galileo had his son, Vicenzo, act as scribe for what became the blueprint for the pendulum clock which again created massive disruption on a planetary scale. This nurturing father was a problem solver and analytical thinker who was able to figure out the 'escape' for the energy transfer found in the pendulum swing to be effectively transferred and not lost. He pointed out that the initial impulse of a pendulum swing created energy that could be transferred onto the pendulum and with a coil connected to a 'tooth' in the gear train of a clock in a consistently accurate manner. Each 'tooth'  gear train is able to tick forward, or escape, before getting 'caught' in the gear train. The pendulum's motion keeps the ticks happening. His idea of the pendulum as a practical piece to include in clocks allowed for very precise time to be kept.

Coach Galileo with one of his royal patrons.

Some of his ideas were failures, yet that did not stop him from failing forward. Galileo refuted Johannes Keppler on the theory that the planets rotated in an elliptical manner. Galileo maintained that they rotated in a perfect circular orbit instead. In like manner, Galileo studied the changing ocean tides and incorrectly concluded that the large movement of water was caused by the speed and axis movement rotation of the Earth, rather than the pull of the Moon.

When not in jail, he counted princes, cardinals and noble men amongst his patrons and spent his life being a Dad, innovating with new ideas that changed the course of humanity, engineering them into reality and coaching others along the way.

For all intents and purposes, Galileo Galilei, was a proactive member of his community and this makes him #HotterThanFireForOthers.

Coach Galileo being quizzed by the Spanish Inquisition

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