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"Tyler, I Got This": Going from Hesitancy to Commitment in One Drop / #skateboarding #executiveFUNction #community

Five hundred years ago, Christopher Columbus, from Italy, set out on the Santa Maria with two Spanish captains who are maternal ancestors of mine, the Alonso Brothers. They commanded La Nina and La Pinta across the Atlantic Ocean. The three captains and their valiant crew went southwest on adventure for many months to what was hoped to be a new land to them and not the end of earth as many at that time forecasted. 

Nothing was sure. This was the first time anything like this had been attempted before across the widest expanse of the Atlantic. 

They made it though. They set out on an adventure into the unknown with only the wind pushing their sails being certain. Skateboarding is like that. When you are able to skate the bowls at a skate park, a sense of adventure is attained. It is an epic moment between hesitancy and commitment as the body and mind commit to dropping-in effortlessly and doing all the needed functional balance adjustments to skate down the wall safely with confidence.  

Confidence comes before commitment and it is like the wind that fills the sails propelling the ship forward. In the case of the confident skater, hesitancy is kept at bay while confidence keeps growing with practice (growth mindset). 

An illustration:

Coach Tyler of the Scalzi Originals Skateboarding Co. & School at Scalzi Park in Stamford, Connecticut, helped me to be confident enough to drop into the skate bowl. I was hesitating, my body was not use to the motions. But he helped me slide from hesitancy to commitment by being by my side for safety as I dropped into the bowl. Now I say to myself, 'Tyler, I got this' as I roll down with my skateboard. 

  • Do we sally forth and try new healthy things outside of our current paradigm or do we stay within what we know safely back at harbor?

Venture and sally forth.

If you'd like to register yourself or your child to our skateboarding school where executive function skills, soft skills and gross motor skills are rapidly toned email me, Coach Bill at

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