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Think Simple, but Big: #Skateboarding Parks can help Bridge Community Together #edchat

By replicating a similar model to the servant leadership, holocratic engine that is in operation with the Scalzi Originals Skateboarding Co., members of local skateboarding communities can easily create a teacher group that is grounded around the activity of skateboarding coaches kids, including those with special needs.

There are many children who would love to know how to skateboard. Parents who have children with special needs, like being on the autism spectrum can help develop gross motor skills, executive function (prefrontal lobe) and increase the speed and amplitude of their children's brain development overall by consistently having them go train at a skatepark. Having a teacher helps big.

No Teacher System

A central problem holding back the growth  of community skateboarding at a skatepark like Scalzi Park in Stamford, Connecticut is that there is no organized teacher system. I took an example from a surfing organization of surf teachers and volunteers that come together to give youth an opportunity to literally heal through surfing. Surfers Healing puts people before profit and has been able to serve communities across the world non-stop for many years now. Raising awareness and modeling ideas of action towards helping children and adults on the autism spectrum or with any other special need is what they are about.  I had the honor of helping kids through Surfers Healing early last fall in Lido Beach on Long Island. You can catch surf footage on my You Tube Channel: CoachBill007

What binds The Scalzi Originals Skateboarding Co. together is our commitment to facilitating that all youth in the community, including those on the autism spectrum have an opportunity to push their outer limits and exceed expectations. This is only possible though if people work together to make it happen. At Scalzi skate park, the crew and I are working together and are excited to take the adventure to the next level. A pivotal move that shifted and solidified our business model is allowing for a horizontal growth in trained executive function/ skateboarding coaches to happen to get a vertical growth in students serviced in less time. Interest in joining our group is strong and I believe that the adventure of being a positive help to the community is a highly-motivating factor for future prospective coaches.

Doing a great job is as important as doing the job for many. 

Each teacher is deputized to market, acquire and sustain their students and by doing so their income rises and falls, in effect making each teacher an entrepreneur. To illustrate this, a teacher with one student makes one fourth of what a teacher with a full class load of four makes. It is up to the teacher to maximize the working vehicle the Scalzi Originals provide. This applies to every teacher, including me. Best performing teachers receive bonuses from company reserves.

Stay tuned to take ideas you may be able to put into effect at your local skate park. Help people's kids. Help all the kids on the autism spectrum or with gross motor development challenges to have the option of getting there kid skateboarding.

The Scalzi Originals start operations officially May 3, 2016. We are hoping the great city of Stamford allows us to share in Park Day a few days before on Saturday, April 30th to showcase our services for free to families and their children.

With our classes, children in the community will:

  1. Have a positive after school and weekend program to go to at an affordable price.
  2. Have an opportunity to exercise their executive function skills, like functional balance and goal-directed persistence.


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