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Harry Hauk is #HotterThanFireForOthers / #community #environment #socialresponsibility #shouldertotheplow

updated 2/9/16

When I was thirteen, my uncle signed me up for SCUBA diving certification. The SCUBA Center headquarters was deep inside a heavily guarded, top secret U.S. military base in the suburbs of Puerto Rico. 

There was a man by the name of Harry Hauk, known by all as ‘Hauk’  who operated and owned the best SCUBA school on the island since 1968. He became my SCUBA teacher for two or so months. He and his team trained me in basic open water certification. Hauk was a Special Forces  ‘Frog Man’ for the U.S. Navy, a philanthropist and a man of the community. Hauk was a welcoming, down to earth man that never stopped giving his all for the local community, his country and humanity. He even swam the English Channel with his family in a relay race and committed himself to constant feats including swimming the the circumference of Puerto Rico to raise awareness for the environment.

A central part of every single SCUBA class experience  was collecting trash found deep below the waves and hauling it to be recycled. Harry Hauk had his students learn their  lesson as they bettered the community and practiced being stewards of the environment. He did this every weekend with each student that passed though his school, along with constant mega trash clean up days across the island, decade after decade. 

That's lovingkindness on a large scale and that makes Harry Hauk ‘HotterThanFireForOthers.’ 

Here are some of his stats. Notice how they are all about service to his community.

Former U.S. Navy Frogman (Member of UDT Team 2 during the Korean War, along with RUDY BOESCHtfrom the Famous Survivor Series)
College varsity swimmer & All-American Water Polo player
Coach of 137 U.S. state & national champion swimmers, divers, and Water Polo players
Puerto Rico National Coach for the CCCAN Games in Cuba, Columbia, Panama and Jamaica
1964 - Founded Olympic water polo in Puerto Rico
1971 - Puerto Rico National Coach for the Pan Am Games in Medillin, Columbia 
1982 - Swam non-stop from St. Thomas, U.S. V.I. to Puerto Rico at the age of 53 in 29 hours and 46 minutes

1986 - Set a World's Record, swimming a relay with his family across the English Channel

1988 - Swam an Anti-Drug Crusade around the entire island of Puerto Rico at the age of 60 in 36 days
1992 - 1993 - Swam 24 hours non-stop at the- Escambron Beach to highlight an "Aids Awareness Rally"
1988 - Inducted into Puerto Rico's Sports Hall of Fame 
1987 - Good Samaritan Award 
1992 - Environmental Citizen of the Year - Environmental Protection Agency

Below is a picture of what a Special Forces U.S. Navy  'Frog Man' looks like when in full-battle mode.


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