Thursday, February 4, 2016

Engine Accelerator: Freedom Starts in the Heart and Amplifies out to the Community / #startafire #insideout

What does freedom mean to us? What does family mean to you? Is the word community compartmentalized in a bland category in your mind?

How can we 'fire up' each other and put all our oars in the water to do what is right and to keep at it?

Can dancing be a facilitator in keeping our hearts alive? If change starts in the heart (soul), then the home is the lab where it flexes its muscles. Freedom carves itself into our daily life, our very lifestyle, by bold actions that start in each of our hearts. The family unit that has a mover and a shaker is shifted towards spontaneity, leadership, boldness, gentleness and flexibility in thinking, feeling and action. In this way, mom and dad become the primary teachers in showing their offspring what it means to be free and what family can mean beyond our every day lives. Each person has incredibleness in them. The parent that metamorphosizes and becomes that incredible change they want to see in their kid is not just a parent anymore, but a living and breathing human being in bloom. This is inspiring to behold and positively disrupts our heart emanating outwards to all in the household, then amplified to the community and world.

From an early start, children can do community projects that showcase how to work together for a common good. We need more kids to think positively on how to enrich their community. We need them to be artistic engineers with passionate inclinations to be initiators of healthy change. Molding such humans is no easy feat. It takes vision, dedication and know-how. Who across the land can facilitate this? I predict that the Batmans and Superwoman are coming out of the wood work. I predict that the surge in energy will be there if we all metamorphosize out who we already are in our hearts of hearts.

Developing soft skills, like teamwork, empathy, compassion and integrity, as well as humility... these are hard skills. Families and schools that take on a mandate of doing what they can with what they have to pro-actively take on community-enhancing projects run by the students are the schools that will position  youth to be the new leaders. Students who grow up practicing creating community-enhancing projects learn real world skills by working at an accelerated, performance-based pace. Their is a great opportunity for deep engagement because of the novelty and focus of the community-enhancing project experience. It becomes an adventure for everyone involved and more so to the degree that we push beyond the norm of what is expected.

Nothing will happen unless pioneers break through onto new ground and are able to sustain forward-momentum. Parents can be pioneers. Young adults can be renegades to do what is right. Seniors can rock out and assume their positions. This can be a lonely job at first. Nothing will happen if we are more concerned with losing what we have rather than gaining strength and hope for a community. Children need to see us putting our shoulder to the plow. They need to see us doing that which we want to see n manifest. WE need to be the movers and shakers. We need to break out of routinized molds that keep the best parts of us at bay and sally forth with brave, kind actions that shift the ground.

Pioneers Become Social Entrepreneurs: Show them how to be self-employed as well as employable. 

Rather than think of it in a binary way, core subjects like math, science and history can be additionally assessed by being integrated into community-project time. A student, or individual who wants to be an engineer can be taught how to be employed and also how to be self-employed as an engineer, or work well as part of a new company of engineers at a private firm. The idea of learning through action flips the script on how we go about acquiring new skills and processing information, becoming much more readily engaging and novel as an experience. This makes activities  like dancing and skateboarding practical incubating grounds for fomenting change from the inside out and passions like social entrepreneurship nothing less than muscular ways to 'let freedom ring.'

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