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Where the rubber meets the road. / #positivedisruption #community #Sudan #Africa #Afghanistan

updated 1/31/16

In Afghanistan, Russia fought over a decade on the ground, then America came and fought for way over another decade on its grounds. Now there are children, boys and girls skateboarding on the streets where soldiers, fighter and warriors brandished heavy machinery. The renegades of the heart have come out to play. They are the children of the soldiers and people of the community. All that is in their DNA. In their story. That is why the rise of Skateistan, a skateboarding school in Afghanistan and its popularity amongst girls is astounding and so peculiar also.

Almost half a century ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed, "Let freedom ring!" His dream which is a continuation of the dream of all the immigrants that have come to our shores, is a dream shared by the founding members of the United States of America back in 1776.  Every  American should be able to pursue happiness, but that we achieve happiness together as a community, rather than be separated by the color of our skin, religion, ethnicity or size of our bank account. This means the right to great education for all, and the productiveness of the national community to begin to heal itself starting where the healing is needed the most.

The south side of Chicago has impoverished communities, for example. Parts of L.A. are impoverished and could be turned around. Bridgeport, Connecticut has similar issues. Healing can be accelerated by creating a curriculum that successfully gets youth and young adults active and in a creative process. Invariably, a community that is impoverished will find it hard to retain its children if there are no economic opportunities to be had there. To that end, integrating social entrepreneurism to an active learning curriculum, that includes science, technology, engineering, math, arts (including dancing), music, writing and skateboarding serves to channel the learner into not just being groomed to be an employee but to know how to operate as community-minded, self-employed entrepreneurs.

With the right oversight and energy, a curriculum like this can be initiated anywhere in the world. Even a Sudanese humanitarian camp. The best way to heal a war-torn area is by building indoor skate park schools that also teach the main subjects and the social entrepreneurship. This places the learner in an action learning, growth mindset mode creating an invigorating learning environment. Letting people move by skating and dancing helps them do the other work, like the math,science and writing.We can create passionate leaders this way who in turn know how to foster more passionate leaders who want to change their communities. These social entrepreneurs can be men and women who in effect become knights for their land.

It goes back to President John F. Kennedy's challenge to us that we consider and act upon what we can do for our country, instead of waiting around to see what it can do for us.


We need active people who care helping to transform the community. We need active people who find a niche or something they are passionate about that serves the community. 

  • If we are not dealing with ensuring that every American has the right set of opportunities they need to be as successful as possible in their life, then what are we doing?

Wall street shouldn't get to ahead of itself if parts of mainstream America are crumbling. Without obligation it should continue to seek and step into communities to see how the poorest of communities, especially those who are fatherless can be helped up, instead of being given hand outs on the radio. Step outside the system for a change and positively disrupt things by helping someone else back on their feet.

By teaching social entrepreneurship, by including activities like skateboarding at skateparks and established executive function toning activities, like basic meditation in the public school day we shift the outlook of each new American generation. In time, we build these armies of people who build lives that are about how to make it better for others. We develop people who are not just really smart employees, but because they grew up practicing social entrepreneurship, they know how to integrate their socially-conscious passions into the market place, and thereby even make a living by it. Communities win when they are filled with these kinds of people.

If it is possible that skateboarding be accepted in Afghanistan and that the ladies rule it there, then change is certainly possible in Sudan, Africa also. Healing can begin in ways like this anywhere.

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