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#TheMatrix / Knowing how to Break Out of It / #executivefunction #internet #mycorrhizae

updated 1/15/16 12:30 pm

We use the internet to connect, communicate, learn, teach, create awareness, take action, as an economic medium and as a 'place' to share all sorts of things. Did you know that there was an internet before the 'Internet' though? A very organic underground system that connects across different species in a multi-faceted manner sending protection, aid, communication and defense quite marvelously. 

Mycorrhizae, a fungi cousin to mushrooms has been studied by British scientists and they have discovered that mycorrhizae filaments stretch for miles, even covering entire forests under the earth with connections to all all plant and tree life. Outside threats of infestation, or vegetative disease are picked up by filaments which in turn communicate to the rest of the web of inter-connected species who in turn take action exactly like the auto-immune system in humans.

Who would have known that intelligent vegetative life could behave in such a manner? 

At a time where we find ourselves all being interconnected in more ways than one, do we find that the connections only occur via technological devices or are there more organic connections which tie us together in unforeseen ways? Are my thoughts my thoughts? Or are they a product of my environment? Do we approach each other randomly or is their an intelligence and specificity to the way life unfolds? What happens if I hit the reset button by meditating? 

Can we be storytellers and not just story receivers? When people are interconnected to the same environments, can there possibly be a great deal of overlap in thought, feeling and attitude? Is it possible to break free from this matrix? How can that be done?

Two weeks ago I was in the Daytona Beach/ St. Augustine area of Florida working and spending time with family and 'just happened' to meet a shaman. Now, I am not into shamanism, nor am I promoting it or putting it down though I did read my Carlos Castaneda and Don Miguel Ruiz as a teenager, which by no means is a certification in shamanism. This shaman is now a friend of mine and shared an insight with me and my clan..'The only thing random is the mind think that there is randomness." I believe that. There is no randomness, though it may strongly appear so at times. 

In considering the mycorrhizae filament connections that bind inter-species communication underground, I ask if parts of this web become output sources, rather than just conduits to relay information and direction. There seems to be an equality to this web, yet there must be 'way stations' which direct communication traffic. With this in mind, can you and I step outside of simply relaying and sharing information to actively being sources or fountains of new coded programming? That is to say, can the act of meditation, a calming of the mind and heart give way to new programming that gently rewrites the information that is relayed back and forth amongst people?

I believe that people do this all the time. It is a sort of stepping out of the matrix and being a director of it. I think that this is both hard and easy to do also. I find it easy to make up my own mind having not owned a television set for close to half a decade now. I do enjoy watching somethings on television if I happen to be in front of one. I caught a great theatrical play on New York's channel 13 a few months back which I enjoyed. One of the characters was that funny actor from the 'Monk' and 'Wings' show which use to be on TV, yet by and by I am wary to fill my head with television programming. Ugh!

The more I get back into calming my mind and heart the better I feel about my life and my contribution to my community. It is nice to be 'unplugged,' though in the interconnected reality of things, none of us may be unplugged at all. We may be more connected than we care to admit. I like that. No man is an island, right? As I walk through a library, book titles influence me, a child's smile affects me, the music on my radio impacts me and the loud conversation of others gets me thinking in a new way. Likewise, the pretty woman who briefly stood by me last night at the bar while I had my salad did have an effect on me ..shifting my thought and feeling ever so slightly.

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