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The #DrMartinLutherKingJr - #Skateboarding connection / The Company in the Cloud #servantleadership #holocracy

Ideas like servant leadership when applied to activities that can develop physical health and cognitive development can become a catalyst for others once it is put into action in a consistent manner. To find such an activity that is engaging for people of all ages and still keep it local is hard. Dancing comes close, but we still don't have designated dancing areas at parks, so in the mean time, consider what skateboarding offers and how it is directly connected to Dr. Marting Luther King, Jr.

An activity like skateboarding at a skatepark welcomes people from any nationality, ethnicity, or age and is a sport of growth and development for the brain and body when practiced consistently. 

From an Special Educator standpoint, skateboarding also happens to be an excellent vehicle as an early intervention tool and strategy for the social-cognitive-physical development of children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, or any special need. Knowing this is not enough though. Thinking practically, the ideal situation is to have the right coach in place who can support a home/ community program to help you carry this out.

It is is a concept that can influence an attitude of action learning in a person and a valuing of others. Everyone is a potential teacher, yet always a student at the skatepark.  By valuing how we go about reaching goals we put others first before our own and this has a way of paying dividends down the road. In doing so, we role model. Skateboarding, like surfing, happens to be an action learning cognitive-physical growth activity that also provides respite through regulation in a therapeutic manner. This makes the time and energy spent worthwhile to the skateboarding practitioner and sets the stage for enjoyment and quite possibly even having some fun.

In addition, something peculiar easily happens all the time at a frequented local skatepark... all kinds of people show up, even whole families complete with grandparents from all parts of the world. It is like the united nations but with no red tape and all the focus is on bettering oneself and helping others to better themselves too. Skateboarding is fun and there is no red tape to become a member of it. The focus is on the bettering the process of skateboarding, like:

1. Improving your 'street course' skill.
2. Knowing how to effectively work the skate bowls.

The spectator can easily become the player at a skatepark. 

Kids can feel like superheroes as they charge the skate bowls, like surfers charging and directing their longboard on a wave. Repetition of this for children with special needs can develop a sense of accomplishment early on and naturally develop the growth mindset. 

Doing so at a skatepark, a place in the community that is welcoming to people of all nationalities, races and ethnicities becomes a win-win not only for the typical person or parent with a child with special needs but also for the community. These parks can actually be used as places to grow communities together if people take more robust action. 

Intangible traits such as emotional intelligence, soft skills like grit and humility and teamwork are grown naturally in this setting that is multi-cultural and can double as a learning grounds that is therapeutic for all, especially those with special needs like being on the autism spectrum.

These notions and concepts are at the crux of the newly formed constitution for The Scalzi Originals Skateboarding Co.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared a dream with us about one day little black boys and girls and little white boys ad girls playing together. He dreamed of a day when people would see eye to eye with each other past the color of their skin. This dream came from ideals which this country is founded on. Dr. King used a servant leadership/ holocratic method with epic commitment and was able to serve as a catalyst through his actions for many others to become leaders in service, each in their own right role modeling and by default  creating  a 'company in the cloud' based on servant leadership.. a holoracy that anyone can be part of if they put their #shouldertotheplow for each other.

In America, it seems we are creating and sustaining this 'company in the cloud' based on values and ideals that have nothing to do with money, but more with how make it a better place to live in one day at a time, one step at a time.

It is not many activities that can do that all at once. 

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