Monday, December 28, 2015

Planting a Garden in the Middle of It All / #ScalziPark #Stamford #Connecticut #community #socialresponsibility

(updated 12/28/15)

The sloping land directly behind the skatepark is looking cleaner and cleaner. It is a small parcel of land between Scalzi Skatepark and the street hockey rink the community uses seen in the back left of this sketch.  

As a teacher I recognize the value in making small changes consistently towards an end goal, especially when an easy answer or solution is not in view. By moving levers, making slight alterations, fine-tuning a little here and there in a consistent manner we actually end up moving very quickly towards attaining a desired goal. This is a strategy learned through repetitive chess play and which the mind unconsciously extrapolates onto other contexts naturally.

With this in mind, how would a garden or some basic landscaping in that back sloping parcel change the atmosphere? If people saw that that land was valued by others who came to take care of it, would they be so apt to keep throwing garbage there? Would they still throw their used condoms on the ground? Would there be a decrease in the amount of plastic and glass strewn across the ground? How would the visual of a nice garden change how the community sees the skatepark area? Would the city finally come around and sandblast the skatepark walls as well for the street hockey league guys? Their are gang signs and profanity on those walls, including messages insulting our public servants. How would a garden change mindsets and impact what happens around there? 

I'll speak with the city on getting permission to landscape that land. Gardner volunteers welcome to join me shoulder to shoulder. You can team up with me via CoachBill.US

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