Monday, December 21, 2015

Expanding the Battle to #DoTheRightThing by Banding Together / #allin for #community #positivedisruption

(updated 12/22/15)
How do we go about creating and sustaining
How does a person… a community…foster a ripple effect of social responsibility?
How shall I be an agent of positive disruption in my community?
Why not? Life is short and the days fly by.

The Boss (Springsteen) said that we can’t start something if we are always worried about our own world falling apart. He is right! No time to sit idly by or ‘wallow in the mire.’ No longer content to hang back, it is always the time to put the shoulder to the plow for others, especially those who are needy, disadvantaged or forgotten. 

It is a new day. There are diamonds where people see them not and there is apathy where all seems well.  The land is ripe for positive disruption. It is time to band together.

I story dance a new song
You must also
Releasing thought and feeling
Channelling hope and pain
Making amends where it is needed
Doing the right thing first
Banding together closely
Ready to rock for each other

Up and down
A shoulder drop here
A raised knee there
Stepping up to the beat
Unleashing the heart
Battle armor on now all the time

Once we start running together, let’s not stop. Let’s be like the football players pushing the line of scrimmage to where we want it. Let’s take the ball back. Let’s take control. Let’s not rest anymore till the land is at rest. Let’s only rise if we rise together. Not just pockets of justice here and there, but across the land everywhere.

The community campaign to revitalize the skatepark in Stamford, Connecticut’s Scalzi Park is stabilized and moving forward undeterred. Leaders are continuously coming forward to join the holocratic collective of skateboarding teacher/ mentors there and we are set to begin offering tailored skateboarding classes at an affordable rate to the community. Various initiatives are in the pipeline being brought forth by different members of our skateboarding cooperative and enthusiasm is being maintained with our focus on decentralized leadership.

With this in mind, I do not move my focus, but expand it. There is work to be done in South Norwalk. The center of the community is in some respects… imploded. This does not negate the active, daily work of those who serve our community day and night there, such as our paramedics, our police and our firefighters, our teachers and members of the community who move forward for each other without seeking credit. They need our help. 

Having grown up with all the advantages in my own life I must turn to the side and see the condition of my brother and sister. How are they doing? Are they struggling? What is their story? How can I be of service?

Today I took a small step in South Norwalk to work with and for others.
I have already begun and am on the ground moving quickly. 
The engine is gunning and I am shifting gears. 
The heart and mind is deployed on the streets.

Lovingkindness fears not as it raises its stare.

pic is of Audie Murphy with his dog. He is the most decorated soldier in U.S. history. #AllHeart for his country and people.

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