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Can we meet negative disruption with the #skateboarding wheel of #positivedisruption?

They sprayed bullets indiscriminately. There were people in pain on the floor with blood gushing out.

There needs to be a more well-rounded approach to how we maintain the threads that keep this country together.


They left the baby with the grandma and decided to take care of business by killing people who belonged to families also.  They had a mind and heart set. 

They had an infant. What will happen to that infant of theirs? If  parents were killed in the massacre, how will the surviving families deal  with the raising of the children. How can the community help? How can community be ready to help each other when families are ripped apart? This affects everyone and apparently the attacks can happen anywhere.

How do we change elements on the ground to change the landscape? Can we meet negative disruption with the wheel of positive disruption?

Social entrepreneurship can be love in action when done right. How about if it is part of a school curriculum? Our first responders in our communities address issues in times of crisis and now we need to sound the call for a special team of first responders.  Raising an army of social entrepreneurs in America would bring new life into schools and empower not jut local communities, but the whole country which is threaded together like a quilt. These threads that connect us are not made out of iron and concrete, steel and metal, but out of things we cannot see. The intangible threads of the heart that connect or don't connect people, families and the community at large together. We need to connect more with each other. Not just top-down action from Washington, but bottom up local action is what will make the bigger lasting difference.  This is so because building relationships is key to influencing mindsets. 

There needs to be a multi faceted approach to strengthening the social values that make our American quilt strong.  I believe it can be tackled in one motion by different team members in communities across the land. Here are some ideas. This is not an exhaustive list. Perhaps you can add to it and lead on a project right up your alley. 

  • Smarter gun background checks which all states agree on. 
    • Building in responsibility and accountability measures into owning a gun.
  • Introduce social entrepreneurship as a cornerstone of the academic learning curriculum to instill a mindset of social responsibility towards the communities we live in and teach 21st century skills to not just take direction as employees but lead on projects that are worthwhile and dear to them.
  • Pro-active community collaboration: Put a great skatepark in each town and offer skate classes in them taught by a collective of local skaters. The skatepark becomes like the United Nations basically. People of all ages, nationalities, race, skin color and religion can be found there having skateboarding in common. Mentorship is common at skate parks. It is a garden for a community.
Social entrepreneurship and having great skate parks all over the country will not directly stop someone from carrying out harm on others and smart background checks may only go so far, but it will create awareness towards being socially responsible and that is at the heart of what Americans must be given our tremendous advantages in the world. We need to be the most excellent stewards. We have it all already. Now we have to give back with our heart and our smiles. 

It is exactly like President John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

E. Pluribus Unum

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