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Are we building each other up or tearing each other down? / #Muslims #faith #America #love @realDonaldTrump

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I take God at his Word and I am a King James Bible-reading and doing Christian.  I coach a child on the autism spectrum who is a part of a Muslim family. #theGentleman and his brothers have been with me and I with them for five years. I love this family. It is an honor for me to be retained for so long by them. It is humbling and I work hard to keep myself indispensable. To say that I am emotionally-invested in the success of #theGentleman and his brothers is an understatement. My success is tied to his success.

It pains me to read of Muslim kids across the country feeling scrutiny or judging eyes on them. Enacting actions of hate leading to murder has nothing to do with the core principles of the major faiths of the world though these faiths are hijacked over and over again by people wanting to make a statement. Real strong people don't pick up guns to spray people away with bullets of rage and then say it was in the name of God. God is love. God is lovingkindness. God is wonderful. Don't try to pin this on God. #theGentleman is smart, witty, outgoing and has razor-shop humor you can't replicate. There is not an ounce of hate in him. Quite the opposite. Dude, puts a smile on your face each time.

Did Trump really say what he said? Were his words misconstrued and taking out of context? If so, that is sad. I like they guy. I think his intentions are to make this country stronger. If he said what he said though... it may cost him dearly. This is the land of the free and you can say what you want to say and yet there are consequences and effects to what our tongues say and our actions do. Messages from the top get filtered down to younger generations. I am not Muslim, but I will stand up for Muslims in America. Just as I would appreciate a Muslim standing up for me. We are all one nation under God. We may not agree on particular scripture, but none of that comes into focus when I am coaching one of my star players. These brothers I coach are 'All-American.' They have grit, drive and are well-mannered kids. #theGentleman will probably be a major star of some kind one day. Something about him... it's beyond swag... he has a certain confidence. He plays the piano, he dances, he skateboards and bikes, he plays chess, is an excellent classmate, son and brother. He is a thinker, a quick study and very observant. Just a few weeks ago he recounted the story of Cain and Abel to me. Not sure where that came from but it came out of him. Caught me completely off guard. I caught it on the GoPro and sent it to his parents.

Are we building each other up or tearing each other down? 

Who will lift another word of hate against their own people? 
As Americans do we allow ourselves to be swept away by political rhetoric that pits mindsets against each other? Can we rise above the cacophony?
Are we not all the same under our skin? 
Can we power through the confusion and reach each others minds through our hearts? Are we not all tired of the killings, the massacres... the wars.

This is not a call for an end of our core beliefs, but an affirmation of those beliefs that are universal. Compassion and empathy are universal. There is no law against acts of lovingkindness and caringness. We just need to be true to our hearts as we engage each other.  What can be gained by putting a people down? Is this right?  If it were my classroom I would take the one causing strife and speak with him quietly, away from the class. I would turn him around and make him my top officer. I would let him know that we are better off working together rather than against each other. 

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