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The Beating Heart of #Service Fears Not..It just keeps Firing! / #courage #army #poem #humility

…and Ty gave me the word
..and it helped sustain my heart.
There was little sleep. Constant discomfort and uncertainty I had.

Yet, I read this word and it gave me some rest.
…and my sisters.. and my mother..troubled and not knowing

My pain was great and I hid it.

“Only be strong and of a good courage”

..and I held back my tears in the daytime.

Lovingkindness fears not
It holds its stance
sending ripples of energy
hitting and disarming hearts long since drugged numb
and my body was drained constantly
and it was hard for me to breathe
and i felt my energy leave me
I found it hard to replenish it

The fountain was being tapped by 244 souls
..and Pastor Pat, now my friend and who is no Pastor, 
but a father of ten and a crack head
said, ‘I need your soul!’
and they all gravitated to me eventually

…and then I recalled my time in church when I was a boy
how the energy was drained from me
I had to sit outside the congregation
across the street in the park under the trees, 
recouping breath and energy again.

My father instinctively would support my state by placing his hands on my shoulders
He knew deep inside

I know fully now
and so do you also now

…and this is why I write to you this way
..and why a poor man as myself 
am at the same time very rich indeed

#SocialGood? just a term
this is love on display, love in action
pistons firing, flower that does not fade
Price Thomas saw it and began to transform
He will be part of the construction at Scalzi skatepark
By my last day I had an army 
I wish you could have witnessed it
Their hearts coming on-line

It is not what we do, but who we are

Holding our stance

Fearing not


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